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Another simple no cost fix for phone docking connector shortcoming

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With nothing more than a drill and rotary file ( a small hand file would have worked also ), I removed a small amount of plastic to raise the installed height of my 2017 MS phone docking connector. This of course was needed to allow my iphone with a case to properly engage the connector. A well know issue, that was eliminated at no cost.
Photo 1: By using the file a little at a time, I created a recessed area on the two sections shown.
Photo 2 : I found that by removing an additional amount of plastic as shown by the pencil, the connector would “rock” as originally designed.
Photo 3: You can plainly see the the installed height of the connector is now raised sufficiently to allow my phone to fully engage the connector. Now the newly created gap as shown by the pencil must be filled. It should be noted that this gap represents the amount of additional height gained for the connector’s new position.
Photo 4: You could use a wide range of material to fill the gap as shown in photo 3, such as plastic, cardboard, wood, aluminum, steel, etc. I used a small piece of wood wrapped in sand paper to provide excellent friction to prevent movement.
In summary. An effective, no cost, very low tech, quick fix that took 20 minutes of my time.
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