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Another thread on Mobile Connector or Wall Connector - 14-50 Outlet Question

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Hoping this hasn’t been covered elsewhere:

Garage in the house I purchased has a 14-50 plug with surge protector, which motivated me to get a EV(Y Performance). No issues charging the first night with MC. Second night noticed the car stopped charging after 20%. No lights on the mobile charger, but works in normal socket. When I went into the app when I noticed it wasn’t charging it was set on 48a, which is obviously too much for the the 14-50. The breaker didn’t trip on the 50a, but did on the 30a surge protector. Is the wiring fried behind the plug or is the issue at the breaker?

Thanks for guidance
The Tesla Model Y will default to charging at 48 amps at a given location. If you lower the charging amperage the Tesla Model Y should remember the charging setting for the location. The Tesla Mobile Connector will never allow charging at more than 32 amps even if the Tesla Model Y is defaulting to 48 amps the Mobile Connector when fitted with the 14-50 plug adapter will limit charging to 32 amps.

Don't let the Mobile Connector chassis hang supported by only the power plug adapter. Tesla sells a Cable Organizer that includes a wall mount for the Mobile Connector chassis (you can find other similar cable organizers on Amazon, eBay and Etsy or fashion your own support for the Mobile Connector.
The breaker didn’t trip on the 50a, but did on the 30a surge protector.
Wait a minute, what is this? If the breaker and wire is for 50A, that would be fine, but why is this only a 30A rated surge protector? The mobile charging cable plugged into this could only draw up to 32A, but I can see why that would trip something that is expecting no more than 30A. I would personally just get rid of that surge protector thing, and it probably wouldn't have that problem anymore.
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