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Are these normal for the passenger seal/lining?

I just picked up the car 5 days ago and I didn't notice these gaps until my dad opened the door and mentioned it. I double checked it with the front seal/lining and those are not hanging.


Not normal. I had the exact same issue and it had to be fixed by the service center. This is the type of thing that I would expect should be caught at some step before the car gets delivered, yet problems like this are still getting through.

They'll have to order the part. Don't let them keep your car sitting in the service center lot for days waiting for it while they give you a POS ICE loaner. Ask them to order it and take your car back when they have it in hand.
Vin was 142xxx was part of the wave of MSM with Aero waiting from 3/22.

Since i've been away for work since picking up the car I didn't really get to do a second walk around until today. I found minor sag on the frunk, scuffs on both the interior crosspoint back panels, and rear left panel is even.

Going to call ISA about it tomorrow

Scheduled for next week when im off of work. Lets hope this doesnt take more than a week to fix.

Like I wrote earlier, they will have to order the part and they will just keep your car at the service center for days waiting for it to arrive. It's a non-critical fix, so I'd insist that they contact me when the part gets in and let me bring the car back at my convenience. Even better, see if mobile service can come to you to do the repair.
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I've updated my google drive with some more photos. Did another walk around

Tesla Model 3 - Google Drive

Some stuff with the A pillar, headlight gaps (which i think are normal), and a few more gaps here and there. I'm not sure what falls into the "MUST Fix" and what are cosmetic/within parameter gaps. I feel like I am just paranoid

You just posted dozens of photos of absolutely horrible workmanship. These faults are unacceptable, recall-tier.
"I feel like I am just paranoid" What are you on about?
This is another reason, I want to delay placing my order. Hope additional time will allow them to fix fitting issues. Still would like to make my $7500 rebate though :D

It's been more than 6 months. I knew they were going to struggle with the simple stuff early on (not that that's right, though it's too be expected with Tesla). but I thought they'd have crap like seals and linings solved by now.

I'm ok with waiting until December if i still get the $7500 credit. We shall see though. Not even sure they'll have ramped up enough by then to get to me.
I had a mobile service appointment this week for this issue. It was an easy fix. It took 10 minutes. Had I known how easy it is I'd have done it myself.

The seal pulls away from the frame. It is pressure fit...no adhesive. Just pull the seal away from upper corner to upper corner and re-seat the seal. It may take a few tries to smooth the dimples.