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Auto Wipers Triggered by Specific Types of Street Lights

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The problem was really bad for me yesterday but a bit better today. The dry wipes seem to be triggered by changes in light or fog or even trees. On another thread, we determined that it's not affected by windshield pitting, but I wonder if it can be made better by cleaning the windshield really well. That is, they are triggered by changes in light, but a somewhat dirty windshield is enough to make it go over the threshold for needing a wipe.

There's so much variability that it's hard to test that.
Today I cleaned the windshield over the cameras several times and cleaned the top of the passenger side wiper.

I made the same 110 mile trip and there were

zero dry wipes!

I've never gone that far without a few dry wipes. It was sunny but with some local fog and lots of trees. I'll keep experimenting.
Same drive yesterday with zero dry wipes.

I recall reading an article (but can't find it) saying that the auto wiper function takes (or will take) weather reports into account. Anyone read that?
What did you use to clean the windscreen? It was suggested earlier in the thread to try rubbing alcohol which I've not tried yet.