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I’m into my 7th year of my 2nd Tesla, this one being a 3P. It’s 3 years old.

In this 7 year period in my opinion autopilot has gone from good to bad. It’s getting worse and worse as time goes by. For me, my car took a massive step backwards when Musk announced cars would navigate using vision only.

I commute the M6 regularly and this morning’s journey in light drizzle was absolutely shocking. Autopilot was unfit for purpose.

The wipers: holy crap, how bad can these things be? Gentle intermittent wiping one second followed by aggressive crashing across the screen a few seconds later even when the conditions don’t change. I spend so much time pressing the screen to change them from speed 1 to auto to try and stop the things. There is no way to turn the stupid things off while on autopilot nowadays.

Lane change: Constant nags to change lanes. I press cancel and 10 seconds later “Ping”, do I want to change lanes again. Concentration back to the screen to cancel again.

Cones: “Ping” change lanes for cones….NO!! There are cars all over the bloody motorway. I need to stay in this lane. “Ping” change lanes for cones again….Oh FFS!

Auto full beam: My god it’s almost daylight, stop turning the hi-beam on every 5-10 seconds. Again, AP on so can’t turn the setting off.

Phantom braking: No cars ahead. No cars behind. No shadows. No gantries. Screeeeech - brakes. I give in.

Traffic: Stop, start acceleration used to be so fluid, now it’s a jerky and uncomfortable.

Traffic ahead: Used to see the motorway traffic and slow down nicely, now, I suspect due to vision only, it brakes ferociously, much later. If you’re a passenger, you’ve just sh*t yourself again.

Acceleration: Slow, slow, slow, doesn't keep up with the traffic ahead anymore when pulling away from a 50 mph limit, so the cars behind you undertake and pull into the huge gap ahead of you. I suspect Vision-only is to blame again.

Blinded cameras: Still happening, driving down a dark country road and the curb-side camera is bleating that it’s blocked or blinded. No it’s not! There’s just a row of bloody bushes next the car.

Poor weather detected: Holy crap, this is a new one in the last couple of months. NOAP engaged, very light drizzle “bong, bong, bong” poor weather detected NOAP is not available, followed 1 second later by “ping, ping, ping” NOAP engaged, followed 1 second later by “bong, bong, bong” poor weather detected NOAP is not available. Repeat this constantly for 5-10 minutes. Distraction, looking at the screen again to turn NOAP off until I’m out of the drizzle.

BING: change lane - Now screaming abuse at the car.

SCREECH, forgot to turn wipers back to auto and the drizzle has stopped.

Passing a truck: Car says it’s stopping in 150 meters for traffic lights - I’m on the motorway FFS. It’s a TRUCK!

BING: lane change - changes lane, BING cones, move back.

I fly aircraft for a living and I can fly from the UK to Europe with almost zero bings, no presses on a screen every few minutes to cancel something that I cancelled 3 minutes before. Distraction free. I’m left to concentrate on the important things.

The Tesla’s mind-numbing distractions are beyond and joke. My hand should not need to be anywhere near that screen every few minutes. The distraction “pings” should not be the norm. They should be the exception.

Yes, my post is a rant and written in haste so excuse the grammar!

Over the years I’ve sent video after video to Tesla. I’ve made bugs reports and it’s getting worse not better. It not me. It’s not my car. Friends and colleagues with Tesla’s say the same things.

Despite the above, I like my car and in March when my contract is up I’ll probably punt on another 3P.

When AP works it’s a joy. I use it a lot. For me, it keeps me alert!

I’m convinced 90% of the current annoyances are due to vision-only driving. Maybe, new cars have better cameras and these problems don’t exist. But on my 3 year on 3P autopilot had taken 2 steps forward and 10 steps back.

Rant over - it’s beer- o’clock.
Your comment really made me laugh as i can identify with everything you have said, your words created a picture in my head and I was driving the damn car - what you describe is the new norm - especially the one where you cancel the change lane to overtake - as soon as another car passes you the bong comes back with the cancel dialogue box again - FFS why, should be cancel once and stay cancelled until the next user input to change lanes and overtake.

Great rant BTW
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Yeah, I only bothered with basic AP, but I agree with the constant distractions due to bings and bongs. Half the time I don’t know what the noise is for.
Took me 20 mins yesterday to realise the rear child seat was constantly tripping the fasten seat belt bong, but wasn’t for long enough to give me any bloody visual indication why the car was going nuts every 5 seconds 🙄
The irony here is yesterday i almost posted yesterday to say i feel Autopilot is massively improved. On Wednesday we drove from the midlands to Hither Green (South London) and I had Autopilot on the whole way. Lane change were smooth, no phantom braking, handling traffic jam on the M1 was smooth, though i do find chill mode makes AP smoother. Then coming home we went through central london, A4, M4, A404, M40, M42, M6 toll. It was dusk, rain was coming down the whole way at varying rates. The wipers were flawless and AP drove the whole thing. I just disengaged when I saw flooded sections a couple of times. Even my wife was amazed.

Hard to explain why we all get such differing experiences. It is just perception, but we have found AP works much better in our Model X to our Model Y.
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I was chatting recently with someone whose experiences are exactly those of @Pagemakers
My own experiences are in the main, quite different. I felt that shutting off radar made the drive smoother.
My wipers and AHB reasonably well these days.
I do agree that TACC is less observant just as described.
Having said that, I don’t have a regular commute and except for odd occasions, I choose when to drive.

Unwarranted Lane changes and cone avoidance are a pain, that’s true and the bings and bongs do get on my wick but in general the drives are much more relaxed than they used to be.

Lord knows why our experiences differ so much. Mine’s a blue car. Perhaps that has a bearing…
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Mine varies quite a bit, I've had drives with fsd engaged that have been flawless just after midnight on the M1 going south from Junction 31 to 21, no phantom braking and super smooth, then another time it will keep quitting, mild braking for no reason and more trouble than its worth so disengage it.

I was sure my wipers were a lot better and then last week slight rain, wipers came on slow but when the shower passed the wipers continued to do intermittent wipes of the dry screen for at least 10 minutes and by then the sun had totally dried the car.

I'm at that point I don't expect it to work properly so engaging it is usually just a bit of fun and would never engage it if the motorway was busy or less than ideal conditions because its a more relaxing drive to do it yourself than having to monitor what the car may do if left to fsd.
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Just turned autopilot on and immediately the wipers are going in this weather. 3 minutes later they are still wiping. Holy mother of God, who develops this sh1t. Neural learning my backside.
just a thought - there might be dirt/dead bug juuuust in front of the rain sensing camera. it sees it as "water" and tries to clean

not an excuse, but maybe that would sort it? or camera malfunction.

this, obviously, would not be an issue with led based rain sensor as in all normal cars, but what can you do...
And I forgot to add to my first post…

After years, the problem of changing lanes from the outside lane to the middle lane aborting half way through the lane change is still VERY prevalent. This is going to cause a pile up one day.

And don’t even try to ask the system to navigate somewhere using your English accented voice!
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No they are talking about mandatitoey wipers when running AP
And then yes, you can switch to manual speeds but not off
When not running AP, you can do anything with the wipers including keep off

Btw, with 26.1 code, feels like rhe auto wipers works
People complaining about automated windshield wipers can simply use them manually. Push the little button everytime you desire a swipe. This is that way people were using them for the past Century.
Does pressing that little button turn them off too? You know, like when they start dry wiping when in good weather on AP and you can’t simply turn off without distraction and/or turning AP off.