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Blue wiper fluid gushes over left mirror and down door - new White S -anyone else?

2022 S Long range. Windshield wiper Pump is dumping enormous amounts of blue wiper fluid on left side of windshield, spraying mirror back and running down inside door area. doesnt matter if I am in park or driving. Never had a car that did this, Had mobile service come out - readjusted nozzle direction, swapped nozzles from left and right - still vomiting copious amounts on the left. Only solution was he kinked the hose and zip-tied it - now the flow is better. I appreciated his ingenuity, but a 100k car shouldn’t need a hose zip tie.

it seems like a simple system - pump, splitter, hoses, nozzles. Anyone else experienced this? Any engineering thoughts as to why left side should spew copious amounts? I would think if this was a design flaw (he said “maybe it’s normal!”) others would have complained. We live 3 hours from a service center so ….

appreciate any similar experiences or suggestions other than take it to a service center (yup, suspect so).
Look at both sides. They often have a tiny pivoting ball and nozzle that can be aimed. Maybe you are missing the little ball-nozzle thingy… (internet photo attached)

There is a tool you can use to aim them. Sewing needles work, too, but can be brittle.

FIRSTINFO Windscreen Windshield Washer Spray Nozzle Cleaner Needle Corrosion Blockage Removal https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RDNTLHG


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@David.85D many thanks. I have an appointment with the service center in a few weeks so I’ll circle back with the solution. I wonder about the little ball thingy you mentioned as well. It’s basically acting like an opening that is too wide. The technician tried moving it, but he was not able to change the actual volume, just where it wound up spraying all over. And he never replaced the nozzles, just swapped the left and right, so maybe both of them are actually bad.

honestly, with everything that’s going on in the world, this is clearly a first world problem.
Anyone else have a problem with the thick blue windshield washer fluid that comes from the factory? Used the washer for the first time yesterday in my new model y. The blue stuff sticks to everything and is really hard to get off a white car. Looks like dried blueberry juice!