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Browser Issues/Questions

I don't use the onboard web browser very often and could use some help on a few difficulties:
1) When browser opens, the Favorites window is automatically displayed. When I press the X on that window, the browser closes completely. The only way to enter a new URL is to select an existing favorite, which then closes the Favorites list. Is this normal?
2) I can't figure out how to add Netflix to Favorites. When I enter the URL, it immediately opens Netflix full-screen so I can't save as a Favorite. Do I have to type the full URL every time?
3) When Netflix is running full-screen, how do I close it? I finally gave up and just put the car in Drive, but there must be a better way.
Actually I'm now wondering if the UI simply opens that player if you browse to netflix.com.
Yes, it looks like that is what is happening. I actually didn't realize the built-in player existed as a separate function! It isn't mentioned in the manual and the Entertainment screen always opened by default on games page rather than Theater so I didn't see Netflix or YouTube icons. before. That answers question 2.

Also, I realized that if you tap the Netflix screen, an action bar appears at the top for volume, brightness and temperature and there's an X at the right corner to close the player. So that answers question 3.

Question 1 is still open - does this happen to others too? Car is going in for service next week and I'll get them to check this out if it is abnormal behaviour.
For your first question - that is not what should happen. I hardly ever use the browser so need to double-check, but as far as I remember it just opens up the last page you were on. Are you able to tap in the address bar
The browser address bar is obscured by the Favorites pop-up, so no. However, the problem now seems to have disappeared as randomly as it arose. When I open the browser, it's on the last page I visited. I can open and close the Favorites page normally without affecting the browser. Weird!!