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Bubbles on '13 P85 Instrument Cluster

This kind of sucks...a couple bubbles appeared a couple weeks ago on my instrument cluster - these are physical and not graphical. Tesla says the only fix is to replace the entire instrument cluster - $1200 or something (though I could upgrade my MCU to the latest version apparently for like $2500 and at least get something out of it).

For now, it seemed ridiculous to spend that kind of money just for this. But I don't suppose anyone here had any luck fixing this on their own? Seems like kind of a weird issue.


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Tesla is like that. They want to replace a whole assembly when all you need is a part. I replaced the screen myself for about $300.
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I posted a picture on that thread of my bad screen after removing it. You can see I waited a long time before bothering with it - a lot of goo leaked out by then and cleanup was a mess, so don't hesitate too much.

I got the screen at reeldealEV.com
The are 2 versions of the screen, make sure you get the right one. There are replacement videos out there, it's not too hard.
I had the same issue on my 2013 S P85 it only got worse decided to upgrade to MCU2 which includes both screens. Not happy about the bubbles but MCU2 is excellent and IMO well worth the $2500 for the upgrade - big improvement.
My '13 MS had this issue as well. Bought a replacement from ReelDeal. Direct replacement, Gen 1 version. Pretty easy install, if you have a few mechanical skills. Good instructions are available in the usual spaces. I also cleaned up my original of all the Goo that it spews. Nasty stuff, goes Everywhere! Glass came off in one piece. Not even sure what was holing it together? Acetone works well for clean up, but be careful what you use it on. Also used electronics cleaner for the screen itself. Now I have the original as a "spare"... You might consider changing the fan while you're in there too. Be extra careful with the rear connector as well.