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Campground has single 30amp plug but I want to charge both trailer and car

I'm not exactly understanding what you are asking...Do you want to POWER a trailer and CHARGE the Tesla? Seems like the trailer would need a certain number of amps for power, and the balance might be available to charge the car? Maybe find a space where two power drops are available? Or build a splitter and turn down the power on the car screen so as not to go over the 30 amps available when powering the trailer?
Note that 30A RV receptacles are typically 120V. Tesla doesn't make a 30A/120V adapter, as far as I know. So you have to choose whether you want to use 20A adapter or a 15A adapter. Either way, there will be some power left over.

Here's something that might work: https://www.amazon.com/Conntek-3-Feet-Adapter-Connector-Indicator/dp/B007ZTAE5A

I'm not sure if it's fused, which seems like a good idea.
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You could use something like this:


Use the 5-15 adapter on your UMC and the car will only draw 12a. You can plug the trailer into one of the other 5-15s, just make sure to stay under 15a of usage in the trailer.

Many (most) campground 30a outlets will also have dual 15a outlets on the same pole, but they might be on the same 15a breaker, so this is a better bet.
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It would seem the desired thing would be a splitter cord that takes the TT-30 to both a TT-30 and a 5-15, so the trailer and car can both plug in, and you would just plan (hope?) to keep their current draws low, so you don't go above the limit. But I doubt that exists, since it seems like a bad idea electrically.
I don't really know travel trailers much. Can they use a 5-15 cord instead of TT-30 to run some basic low-current things like lights? If so, then at least the the couple of links to splitter cords people linked above would be a decent solution. Or, if you don't mind switching cords a little, treat the camper like a fancy unpowered tent overnight and let the car have the whole TT-30 while you sleep.
Sorry, I should have been clearer but you understood me correctly. I think @JimVandegriff nailed it though. That’s the best way to wake up with a full charge but still be able to use A/C and microwave during the day.
You will only get 9 miles of range per hour from a TT-30 outlet. You might "wake up with a full charge" if you go to sleep with a mostly full charge.;)
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