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Can I use my Model 3 Key Fob for my new Model S?

I bought a key fob for my 2020 Model 3 for my wife to use it on those rare occasions that she takes the car. Can I use the same key fob on my 2023 Model S?

I understand that I can program the Key cards for both cars so that one card will open up both cars. But does that also work for the key fob?
It should work with the refreshed S/X and you can pair it to both cars, but the remote functions and passive entry will only work with one vehicle at a time.

You can tap the fob on the B pillar of the vehicle you want the fob to work with to switch back and forth between cars.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner…. Yep, I just tried adding it as a key on my Model S and it worked.

My son has my Model 3 now, so will confirm the switching between cars when he comes back on the weekend.