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Can't sign in the app anymore

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I did have this exact same problem and today I went to Tesla Service Center and they could do nothing for me. I called Customer Service and luckily got a great CS person who asked me to try the app on a different phone. It was getting the authentication error on my iPhone 12 Pro. Luckily I had my other iPhone used for work (iPhone SE) and when I loaded the app and tried it there, it worked!! It still doesn't work on my iPhone 12 Pro so it must be with that latest update. I'm on 14.4 IOS.
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Hi guys

Since I upgraded my phone to an iPhone 12 I've been having a lot of issues with my Tesla app. The main issue was that the car would never wake up from the app, and even worse, yesterday it didn't recognise my phone key when I went to open it and the alarm went off for like 2 seconds...

I thought that signing out and back in again would solve the issues, but now I get the following error message and can't sign in:
"Sign in Failed: server did not return expected authentication parameters. Please try again"

Tried deleting the app, restarting the phone, using 4G... Nothing. I can't even contact Tesla as I can't sign in.
Is there a Tesla customer service phone I can ring? Anyone had the same issue?

Thank you
I’m having same problem....works on other devices, just my iPhone 11 Pro.