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Car delivered with outdated software. Is there a way to trigger the update process?

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Same here
Picked up today M3 and on 30.200.1
Must be rhe std factory load
I’ll do the two button reboot in the am
My bad
We have 3 Ts and terrible experiencing 38.200.1 on our newest while the other two are on
38.200 is actually buggy
Got in that T yesterday and the screen was blank, could not activate but the vehicle was on
So I rebooted it
I got my second Tesla this month (after a tree fell on the first one) and noticed that in both cases, the car is delivered with outdated software. My new car is still running 2023.38.200.1.

Now, with the first car, as soon as I got home and connected to wifi, it downloaded and installed the update. So it was no big deal. But with this second car, I can't get it to even see that there is an update available. From what I've gathered on this forum, there is no way to force an update… Is that correct?

I understand that I need to be patient, but find it a little frustrating nonetheless.

Apologies for venting a little. I’m wondering why Tesla doesn't update the software before delivering the car... Seems like such a simple thing to do in terms of customer satisfaction!
Laziness they figure u can do it when u get home