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Stuck On 2024.2.7 After Not Having Wifi Few Weeks

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I moved a few weeks ago to a new house. During that time, my Model S had intermittent Wifi access. At one point during the move, it notified me that there was an update available. After a few days of the little yellow arrow icon being at the top of my screen, I happened to park close enough to the wifi AP in my new house that it got a few bars of Wifi (the wifi setup was temporary so we could work, the AP was not set it's final home, so no strong connection to the garage/driveway yet). It started downloading but mid-download, I had to move the car. I really didn't think much of this, that it would just pick up where it left off or rerstart the next time I had wifi. However, the next day, I noticed that it no longer showed an update available. That was three weeks ago.

About two weeks ago, I setup the new permanent AP in the garage. So now, the car has wifi for at least 12 hours a day and is almost always plugged in when home. But no update. Restarted the MCU, have the software set to "advanced" but nothing.

Short of driving to the service center and using the "service" code trick to force a re-download, is there anything I can do? Looking at TeslaFi, most of the fleet has moved on a version or two.

(No FSD)
Service Mode won’t download anything, it will just reinstall what was already downloaded. Which version was the car trying to download? Tesla sometimes recalls updates before you install them if they discover a problem, so maybe that’s what happened to you. The download should complete even with intermittent WiFi access.

I would just wait for the next update and not worry about it. What you have now isn’t that old.
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I got an update last week, it brought the 30 day FSD trial. Nice to have EAP back for next few weeks. I missed it from first Model S.

The post above you was right. I think they are rolling out the FSD trial update to everyone and that left some of us without updates for a month or two.