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Update 2023.20.7 received today... Software hack??

So... After downloading for about an hour, the update just disappeared and it's like nothing ever happened. I even rebooted and checked for software updates, still nothing. Very odd.
After sitting and then disappearing for me earlier tonight, it magically reappeared and was ready for install (download completed). I’m certain it disappeared (on both the app and car screen too) for a bit but just leaving it alone somehow restored it. It is what it is.
I have the same update but see no FSD info in notes. I did notice that fsd is currently subscription base only.

Installed is v11.1(2023.20.7)

If I activate can I immediately use FSD Beta?
I tried for you haha and the answer is yes… i had the same doubt but the answer is in the picture :)


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Very interesting, thanks for sharing. Btw is it the same Wi-Fi and password as when you wait in the SC during appointments? If not, how do you get the right Wi-Fi and password?

And by parked and reengaged home Wi-Fi, you mean when you came back home and parked, right? So nothing (visibly) happened at the SC?
It was the very same wifi --- my m3p appears to pick up tesla-sanctioned wifi (even if it is barely within the broadcast radius) at ANY Tesla dealership or service center.

Nothing seemed to happen on my tesla car dashboard or mobile app while I was killing time parked at the center. However, within maybe 1 minute of being back on my home wifi (after parking in my garage and and walking into my living room), I got a *PEW PEW* phone notification from my Tesla mobile app about "new software update available", and I was back in my car's driver seat with THE QUICKNESSsss!
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Did any MX owners with HW4 get the beta yet? I bought the damn FSD package and updated the car last night to 2023.20.7 but no FSDb. It is been very dissapointing :(
Only some of the original HW4 owners have FSD Beta. Anyone who bought much after the start of 2023 are out of luck. FSD Beta 11.3.x is pre HW4 release and not compatible. FSD Beta 11.4.x is compatible with HW4 but is on an older 23.7.x software. So for now you are in a Catch-22.
If you don't have FSDbeta you are lucky and can get 2023.20.7.
It appears people that paid the extra money for the latest FSDbeta are limited to 2023.7.20.
Sorry. Extra features are for people that haven't paid extra.
Uh, 2023.20.7 does not come with free FSDb. You still must buy, or subscribe to FSD, just like those on 2023.7.20.