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"Check Tire Pressure System, Call Tesla Service"

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Happened during a road trip - high (118F) temp desert route. Resolved itself when temp normalized. Alert is on now again for no reason - SC says it could be the battery(s) in the TPMS - I have to wait 2 weeks for service:cursing:
Well my first question is whether you've actually checked your tire pressure? And I don't mean with one of those worthless pen-type gauges, but with a decent pressure gauge. If your tires are out of tolerance, the warning is completely justified.

The older S's, mine included, had an older style TPS that was very problematic. Multiple owners have reported that Tesla needed to replace all 4 TPS units and then main receiver module for the errors to go away permanently. That was my story, too. But you should already have the new TPS units, so I'm really curious what the tire pressure is/was when the TPS said there was an issue.
Actually checked in tire shop which 4 tires has no problem. Called Tesla service and they said normally this message appeared while the tire sensors issue. The messge will appered tire perssure too high or too low If the tire pressure not right.

Already booked for service in two weeks later. However just feeling bad for so much "minor issues" for a new car.
Tesla doesn't make all the parts themselves -- many of the parts of a Model S are outsourced to other suppliers. Perhaps they just got a bad batch of sensors (or maybe just one or two on your car). I can't blame Tesla for bad TPS units, and if they check good for the first few weeks of a car's life there's not a lot they could have done to prevent your problem.

The rain seals, on the other hand, are completely within their control to do right the first time straight out of the factory. I have a right rear window that's not flush and the wind whistles through it (so my kids told me) at higher speeds. I took it in for repair and when I got the car back it still looked misaligned and my son and now my wife tell me it whistles.

Yeah, there's a few things Tesla could be doing better. Totally agree.