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Clarity around CAC imbalances, voltage imbalances, bad bricks, and battery warranty - 2015 90D

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I looked up the Jason reported numbers and they were:
Original 60
Original 70
Software limited 60/60D
Software limited 70/70D

Interesting that I now have approx same capacity as a Software limited 70D, so Tesla made a good choice on setting the Software limit lower on the newer S 70D's as they knew they would degrade slower, when users could only charge to 88-92% :) :).
I remember when Jason posted these numbers and there wasn't much SMT data at that time to compare to. But I was suspicious of those numbers from Jason because they didn't match well with what I saw from my own car that had a 4.0 kWh buffer when I bought it new in 2015, and also had a full capacity of 68.88 kWh (based on my exact constant of 287 Wh/mile, and full rated range of 240 miles).
And I don't recall if Jason ever compared his numbers to the SMT values so I wasn't sure what exactly he was referring to.

For sake of discussion, I refer to nominal full pack from SMT as the true full capacity (including the buffer), and maximum usable capacity is just nominal full pack minus the buffer, so in my case then, 64.88 kWh when the car was new. But I never had the full capacity since my car was rated for 240 miles when new, but I never saw that value, only about 236 miles, even from day 1.

Any of the apps like TeslaFi or Tessie, can only give approximate values for these terms, since they don't get the direct reading of nominal full pack, and have to calculate from non-exact values, like SOC %, for example.
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I opened another ticket with Tesla 2 weeks ago, this time the said it was due to the CAC imbalance, my Android version still won't ever give me the CAC numbers so I borrowed an old iPhone from work and got the following numbers. Tesla remote tech suggested charging to 90 for a few charge cycles and to 100% a few cycles while allowing it to discharge to 60% or less each time. Then closed the ticket a week later before giving me what he thought the results were after those test.
20.4AH of lost is only about 10% loss, and my Nomial full pack has also last another 1kWh since my July post above.
what is happening with your car? did you found these CAC imbalance numbers correct on SMT?