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Current Owner Feedback Wanted: Squeaks and Rattles?


I have a deposit in with a current estimated delivery of May-July.

I am really excited to take delivery of the car but I wanted to see if any existing owners have any feedback about squeaks and rattles. I live in a neighborhood with some very bumpy brick roads and I am concerned that this might reveal any rattles that would shake loose. Plus, I have read the threads about rattles possibly not being covered by the warranty.

Wanted to get current Model 3 owners' feedback on whether or not I should be worried about this, based on their experience. Also, if you have had any rattles, has Tesla fixed them for you?

Thanks for your help.
So far (at 650 miles), quite solid. I live on a very bumpy street (broken asphalt) and the front suspension does have what feels and sounds like looseness. My S 75D has the same sound, and the San Diego service center pronounced it to be 'normal.'
I was hearing something and found these under my seat. Last time I give a ride to a percussionist .


But seriously, everything has been solid on my car. 87xx.
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I had one rattle, but realized it sounded just like the rattle I get on my S2000, so like the S2000, I just adjusted the seat so the passenger seat belt buckle wasn't bouncing on the b-pillar, and it was gone.
Same for me. No rattles except when the passenger seat belt buckle sits just the wrong way on the B-pillar. Easy to reach over at a red light and tweak it. Took me a while to figure out the cause the first time though...
Overall its not too bad. Roads here in North Jersey are crap. I think my joints creek from all the damn bumps I hit daily more than the car. Honestly, the sound system is so good, I rarely listen to it quiet. I had one rattle that bothered me but I realized it came from the passenger seat. Once I just moved it slightly it went away. Driver door needs to be slammed a little more than I like but I think overall its ok. Seals should loosen up with age.