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Deactivate Autopilot?


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Sep 11, 2023
Hey guys, so we just upgraded to our new Model X 2023 LR that we picked up on Saturday (We also have a 2017 Model X) and one thing I can't figure out is how to turn off autopilot as it has no stalks?
So on our 2017 I would just push the stalk back and autopilot etc would disengage, but pressing or double tapping the autopilot button on the yolk doesn't seem to turn it off. Sure I can tap the brake, but that doesn't seem like the proper way to do it if you're cruising down the highway.

Canceling Autopilot​

Traffic-Aware Cruise Control cancels when:
  • You press the right scroll wheel on the steering yoke (or steering wheel).
  • You press the brake pedal.
  • You exceed 90 mph (150 km/h).
  • You shift into Reverse, Park, or Neutral.
  • A door is opened.
  • An Automatic Emergency Braking event occurs (see Collision Avoidance Assist).
It looks like you should be able to cancel with a single press of the right scroll wheel. Also looks like you can separate TACC from Autosteer if you dont want both to enable on a single click.
Sure I can tap the brake, but that doesn't seem like the proper way to do it if you're cruising down the highway.
FWIW, while I 100% agree with this statement, some legacy manufacturers didn't include a "cancel" button for their cruise control systems, so the brake was the only way to do it. I can't remember for sure which ones, but I know I had at least one Chrysler or Infiniti that didn't have any other option, and I'm certain I've driven other vehicles that didn't as well. That having been said, good news, it sounds like an answer we each like better has been provided in both of the comments before mine.
Right Scroll Wheel press is not canceling Traffic Aware Cruse Control for me. I am on my first week of a new Model X, got FSD because of referral. Turned everything BETA off. I get "Autosteer not available" warning and TACC continues when pressing Right Scroll Wheel. Touching Brakes does work.
Just learned something about canceling Traffic Aware Cruse Control. With Autosteer turned off I get the problem I described above. When I turned on "BETA Autosteer" the problem went away. Both with Single Click, and when using Double Click. I like both "Traffic Aware Cruse Control" and "BETA Autosteer"so see no reason to turn off "BETA Autosteer". I am now using the Double Click setting.
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