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Not Available Deep Blue Metallic 2018 Model S 100D with LOW MILLAGE - Panoramic Sunroof's last year! Las Vegas Nevada

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I am selling my beautiful Deep Blue Metallic 2018 Model S 100D with LOW MILLAGE

2 owner car! Originally sold in 2018 for $114,000 plus taxes and fees in California. Fully loaded with every option for 2018 except for FSD but it is equipped with AP Hardware and Software 3.0 which not all have. Car has basic Autopilot, I bought it in March of 2022 directly from Tesla and only driven it locally. I used it lightly and always charged at home, no supercharging. Only 32,550k miles as of listing!

The online valuation sites don’t have a place to choose all the options this car has. I have $77,625 invested in the beauty.
Was asking $69,950, dropped to $64,950 now $62,450 to give someone here a no haggle great price.

Amazing car with the all glass Panoramic Sunroof and hidden mounts for a roof rack they no longer offer, 2018 was the last year it was offered. This Sunroof is amazing how wide it is and how far back it goes, it really opens up the roof when opened.

The Subzero Weather Package gives you a heated steering wheel, all 5 seats are heated with individually adjustable 3 stage heating on each, heated mirrors, heated wipers, heated washer nozzles and dust guards on the shocks to protect from road slush.

Very comfortable and quiet ride, equipped with Smart Air Suspension, this allows you to adjust the car to one of four different ride height positions. It’s GPS enabled allowing it to remember where you were when you set the new ride height, the car will then automatically return to that ride height at that same location, for example going over big dips on the road or up a steep driveway. You also can select a speed at which you want the car to drop down to low for max economy on the highway.

Tesla’s Ultra High Fidelity Sound which this car has gives you amazing sound with two amps and a subwoofer!

The HEPA Air Filtration System gives you the cleanest air you can get in a car, great for those of us with allergies.

The Power Liftgate is really handy and can be triggered from the exterior button, the remote or even your phone.

The GPS Enabled Homelink can open your Garage door automatically as you approach your home and also trigger your security gate as you drive up to it without having to touch a button. Tesla remembers where you set the trigger point and automatically sends the opener command each the car reaches that GPS position.

The options continue with the Infotainment Upgrade which gives you a faster screen, Netflix and even more games than were offered before. This car has the cute driving game Beach Buggy Blast! which not all hardware supports.

To trim it all off is the high-tech looking Carbon Fiber Décor.

To top it all off this Model S is a 100D. What that means is it has the largest battery offered for 2018, the 100kWh pack combined with a 72amp high power on-board charger instead of the standard 40amp on-board charger and All Wheel Drive! This takes you up to 335 miles and gets you where you want to go fast! If you come home with a depleted battery but need to use your Tesla again that day, you can plug it into a Tesla High Power Wall Connector (or any other 80amp EVSE) and regain a large amount of range in just a few hours thanks to the 72amp high power on-board charger.

If you're looking for the best of the last models that offered the amazing all glass Panoramic Sunroof this is it! Fully loaded and very fast without the higher Insurance premium of the performance version. The performance versions also include 21 inch wheels that have very low profile tires that are much more susceptible to damage than the 19 inch wheels, I have owned many performance vehicles and speak from experience. The ride quality is also better when you actually have some side wall to ride on. One of the most beautiful colors offered, Deep Blue Metallic, which is not common like the other colors. I've taken really good care of it. Gently charged, I charge to the Daily limit not Trip to maximize battery life and only charge at 24amps Level 2 not the full 72amps Level 2 speed the car can accept. Tires are in good condition. Basic Vehicle Warranty was Sept 2022/50k total miles but this Tesla has the remainder of the Used Vehicle Warranty (1 year / 10,000 miles) that started September 2022, I confirmed with a Tesla Tech it transfers over. Battery & drive unit warranty valid through September 2026.

Clean History no accidents

100 kWh battery

High Power on-board charger, 72amps

Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive

335 mile range, 155mph Top Speed, 4.1s 0-60mph

Deep Blue Metallic Paint

19" Silver Slipstream Wheels

All Black Premium Interior

Basic Autopilot

Smart Air Suspension

All Glass Panoramic Sun Roof

Ultra High Fidelity Sound

HEPA Air Filtration System

Subzero Weather Package

Power Liftgate

GPS Enabled Homelink

Carbon Fiber Décor

Black interior

Dark Headliner

Pay Per Use Supercharging

Premium Connectivity until Oct 2022, transfers?

Well maintained, Excellent condition, All worked performed by Tesla, has the following;

New Drivers seat back

New sunroof fabric deflector screen

New floor mats front and back

New steering wheel scroll wheels

New Roof Rack mounting point doors

New 12 volt battery

New rear taillights

New rear sliding cup holder assembly

New Drivers door latch assembly

New Drivers Rear chrome door trim

New Drivers Rear door latch assembly

Well taken car of;

No Smoking

No pets in car

No hail repair

Never used as rental or ride share

Not from an auction

No safety recalls, verified on KBB

Clean title

Purchased from Tesla.com used this year

Adult driven

From California, now Nevada not a rust belt state

Sorry the pics didn't come out better, this is right out of the car wash.
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