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  1. 1

    FSD TRIAL… 3 months? One month? No month?

    So…I have a 2018 with FSD computer. The upgrade screen gives me an option to pay $199 a month. I have some thoughts that I would really appreciate your opinion on. 1. Why is this an additional fee? If the cars capable of it why up charge? 2. I keep reading about a free trial for three months...
  2. HyperionMark

    Available Well Cared for Model 3 with FSD

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Well Cared for Model 3 with FSD. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. Well Cared for Model 3 with FSD

    For sale Well Cared for Model 3 with FSD

    Very well taken care of by the first and only owner. Comes with Full Self Driving. Driven gently and has tires that probably have 10-20k miles left on them (all season Michelin CrossClimates). Brand new windshield and only a few minor blemishes on the whole vehicle. One is on the hood (rock...
  4. T

    Has anyone has FSD removed for an extended period of time, like a week?

    Has anyone has FSD removed for an extended period of time, like a week? I was told by Tesla service once we are granted FSD it would not be taken away. I will sell the car if FSD is removed and I will never buy another Tesla. I own a 2018 Tesla Model S 75D with upgraded self driving computer...
  5. A

    Available 2016.5 red Model S 75D for sale with FSD included

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2016.5 red Model S 75D for sale with FSD included. Please add to the discussion here.
  6. 2016.5 red Model S 75D for sale with FSD included

    For sale 2016.5 red Model S 75D for sale with FSD included

    Looking to selling the car after a month ownership due to insurance underwriting departments getting the wrong information about my wife’s accidents at first. they now have jacked up the price after getting the right info and it is beyond our budget. Same situation with different carriers. We...
  7. M

    Available 2019 Model S Performance FSD

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2019 Model S Performance FSD. Please add to the discussion here.
  8. 2019 Model S Performance FSD

    For sale 2019 Model S Performance FSD

    Text/call 7817246777 if interested 2019 Model S Performance 55k located in MA -62k Miles - Full Self-Driving - 21" Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine Wheels - Almost new PS4S tires (less than 2000 mi on tires) - (Also come with) 19" Split 5-spoke wheels w/winter tires - Full Carbon interior (replaced...
  9. S

    Q3 FSD upgraders - how do you compare new MY with prior Tesla?

    For those that have already taken advantage of the transfer offer how does your new Model Y compare with your older Tesla? How did the delivery experience compare?
  10. rbcopod

    When will 11.4.7 (2023.7.30) gain the features in the 2023.26.xx branch? It’s been a long time without the additions of numerous features.

    Hello all. Although I can understand that those of us with FSD beta either purchased or subscribed realize that other features may lag behind, it’s getting to be quite some time since we have gained the new features that accompany the non FSD beta branch of software. Those of us with 11.4.7...
  11. T

    3-month FSD 'free' on new HW4 cars is useless

    Who else is in this boat, you get a brand new HW4 car, you get the 3-month-free FSD only to find it's not enabled on HW4 yet? And guess what, the timer starts the moment you take delivery, even though there's nothing yet available to you. Pretty outrageous tbh.
  12. Noneduck

    Expired 2021 Model Y Long Range with FSD [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2021 Model Y Long Range with FSD. Please add to the discussion here.
  13. S

    Sold 2020 Tesla Model S Long Range Plus w/ FSD

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2020 Tesla Model S Long Range Plus w/ FSD. Please add to the discussion here.
  14. 2020 Tesla Model S Long Range Plus w/ FSD

    For sale 2020 Tesla Model S Long Range Plus w/ FSD

    Selling my 2020 Model S LR+, 38k miles (it will increase as I’m still driving it). FSD paid for, not subscription. I have the title in my name.
  15. N

    Enhanced Autopilot

    If I purchase enhanced autopilot for my new model Y and Tesla does eventually get regulatory approval for autonomous driving, will the $6,000 I'm paying allow my vehicle to drive on the highway without supervision? Has Tesla provided any clarification on this?
  16. C

    Expired 2018 Tesla M3P with FSD [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2018 Tesla M3P with FSD. Please add to the discussion here.
  17. montybhai

    Tesla AMD RYZEN FSD Jailbreak

    Does not seem too long that the Tesla becomes the iPhone of cars we may see a jailbreak that https://www.tomshardware.com/news/tesla-mcu-amd-asp-flaw-jailbreak
  18. HyperionMark

    Expired 2018 LR Model 3 with FSD 72k miles [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2018 LR Model 3 with FSD. Please add to the discussion here.
  19. A

    separate commercial and personal use FSD pricing?

    Given the general consensus there seems to be that FSD is too expensive for most people at the current $15,000 price, but that's often justified by the claim that once it's complete, it'll be fully capable of functioning as an autonomous robo-taxi, and thus pay for itself, it seems to me that...
  20. G

    FSD transfer: What's the current installation rate of HW4 on Model Y?

    I'm quite interested in the FSD transfer program. I currently own M3 LR AWD with FSD and live in California. Planning to switch to Model Y and definitely want to get the HW4 which seem to start rolling out last month. My friend took delivery of a Model Y on Jun 30 (California) but unfortunately...
  21. A

    Purchasing this model S - good deal?

    Hello everyone! First post here and hopefully will participate more! I found a vehicle for sale for about 29k a guy is selling. It was sold through auction and I got in touch with him before he was able to ship it to his dealership so I got a nice discount if I buy before he ships it back...
  22. danny

    Why Tesla is going to allow for one-time FSD transfers | TMC Podcast #47

    Tesla is going to allow one-time FSD transfers. Why the sudden change of heart after years of customers requesting this? We also discuss xAI and other topics. Topics- 0:00 Stream begins 0:20 Intro 2:19 FSD transfers: "Amnesty" for FSD buyers 25:16 Tesla in discussions to license FSD 45:00 What...
  23. danny

    Dirty Tesla provides perspective on the Gerber - O'Dowd FSD controversy

    We discuss the Ross Gerber - Dan O'Dowd FSD Beta video controversy, and Dirty Tesla provides some much needed perspective on it. This is a clip from Tesla Motors Club Podcast #45: @DirtyT3sla is a Tesla YouTuber and FSD tester. You can follow Dirty Tesla at the following links - YouTube...
  24. C

    FSD drives insanely fast??

    RWD M3 2023 with the latest beta for FSD. This morning I took it for my first trip with FSD and it was accelerating insanely fast out of turns. Also seemed very close to cars on neighborhood streets. How do I make it drive slower? Chill mode is on.
  25. C

    How to stop FSD from changing lanes

    FSD was a step in the wrong direction for me. Previously, I would use autopilot daily and it would not try to change lanes for no reason. Now I don't use it anymore. This is what's doing now: 1. We're getting to the end of the highway where we need to turn right. It's a messy area with 4 lanes...
  26. A

    FSD improvement rate with neural nets for planning and control?

    I'm not an AI expert, but I'm interested in thinking about how the use of neural nets for planning and control in FSD (Elon tweeted in January suggesting they were moving to this in FSDb v 11.3) improves performance. Intuitively, moving from a system of traditional programming for control (i.e...
  27. danny

    Talking FSD with DirtyTesla | TMC Podcast #45

    We are joined by Tesla YouTuber and FSD tester @DirtyTesla to discuss FSD and the latest Tesla news. Follow Dirty Tesla- YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@DirtyTesla Twitter: https://twitter.com/DirtyTesLa Co-hosts- Louis: @nebusoft Mike: @SteelClouds Doug: @doug Seb: @Seb P85D Producers-...
  28. Cata

    What 30 day trial(’s) come with new Teslas?

    So I know premium connectivity comes with a new Tesla free for 30 days. What about EAP and/or FSD? I see the option for AutoSteer (beta) in my autopilot settings, as well as Full Self Driving Visualization Preview.
  29. T

    Is the FSD package taxed if added after delivery? (California)

    Hello, I purchased a new 2023 RWD Model 3 with the $15k full-self driving upgrade on 6/25/23 in California. One of my friends told me that if I added the FSD package after delivery then I would not have been taxed on that. Is thattrue? If that is true, then would I be able to have Tesla...
  30. R

    FSD Not Working?

    Strange. My FSD beta (11.4.3) worked yesterday after the most recent upgrade, but does not work today? Autopilot also does not work. No Cruise control either. Shut it off then re-enabled it. Still not working. Anyone else experiencing an issue? Message is that is "Temporarily...
  31. J

    FS: 2021 Model S, Red with Cream Interior, FSD, 21" Arachnid Wheels, 15k miles, Under Warranty

    For sale is my 2021 Model S (newer refreshed model). Red with cream interior. Bought from Tesla and under warranty for another few years. Full Self Driving enabled. No accidents. 15k miles. Located in Houston, TX. For sale at $79.9k. This configuration for a new car goes for $114k through...
  32. T

    FSDb 11.3.6 to 11.4.2 doesn't reset strikes

    Hey guys! Just putting this out there for anyone else thinking about it. I finally got pushed to 11.4.2 today. Since I was at 4 strikes, I forced a disengagement to hit my 5th strike causing the 2 week lockout prior to the update. I then updated to 11.4.2 and it changed the lockout to 1 week in...
  33. 3

    $65k for a PA 2021 Refresh Blue Model S LR with FSD only 12.5k miles

    Now asking $65k for a 2021 refresh Blue Tesla Model S LR with FSD and only 12.8k miles. Located in Pennsylvania in philadelphia area close to New Jersey, New York. This spec sells for $89,240 when buying new on Tesla’s website right now. The car has a clean title, like new, no issues. Options...
  34. M

    Help with packages

    I am picking this 2019 performance and need some help. Can someone tell me if this vehicle has paid for FSD? Or can you tell from this picture. Also assuming it does have premium sound it appears. What exactly is premium sound and is that a standard audio or added package? Thank you all for...
  35. M

    2020 model S long range plus versus 2019 performance

    Hey guys, I’ve done a ton of research but I am still very new to the Tesla world. I’m looking to purchase my first Tesla this weekend. I’ve been eyeballing two different vehicles. I know everybody has around take but here’s my dilemma and I’d love to get your input. I’m looking at a wrapped...
  36. P

    Available Dec 2016 S 75 FSD SC01 FREE UNLIMITED CHARGING & Connectivity Unicorn

    FREE UNLIMITED CHARGING (transferable) , FULL SELF DRIVING, FREE CONNECTIVITY VIN: 5YJSA1E1XGF170696 Location: Danville, CA Current Miles: 64,000 $44,000 Selling my Dec 2016 (Basically a 2017) Tesla Model S 75 Car has FSD and Free charging is transferable (SC01) Verified by Tesla. Per Tesla...
  37. M

    FSD visualization blank - error

    My Model Y has been running 2022.45.15 since it came out without any issue. This past Friday afternoon, I noticed my FSD visualization was blank - my cruise control would not turn on and presumably other safety features like lane assist and forward collision warning were nonfunctional. There...
  38. M

    Sold 2019 Model 3 Performance with FSD - $40,000 - 36k miles - St. Louis

    For sale: 2019 Model 3 Performance (stealth version with 18” wheels purchased 8/1/19) FSD purchased, no subscriptions needed. 36k miles currently. Asking $42,500. MSM exterior and black interior. No damage at all or any issues. No accidents, clean title, no loan. Tinted windows, and...
  39. T

    Available 2022 Model X REFRESH Pearl White Exterior w Black Premium Interior

    Hello, I am selling my 2022 TESLA Model X (refreshed version with Yoke steering wheel 349 miles range). - 5 seater -FSD PURCHASED AND ENABELED - PEARL WHITE EXTERIOR -BLACK PREMIUM INTERIOR -20 Inch Grey All season wheels and tires -just hit 10,000 miles. Car is immaculate, not even...
  40. A

    FSD 11.3.6 50+ minute commute with only 1 disengagement

    Just posted a video of my commute Thursday using FSD 11.3.6 from downtown Houston in peak hour traffic with only 1 disengagement the entire drive. Great progress on FSD. Disengagement at 5:25 in the video. FSD 11.3.6 in peak hour traffic
  41. M

    Lost FSD visualization, Cruise Control, AP etc. - ECU Shutdown ?

    2021 Model Y Was at a stop light yesterday, heard a chime as if AP got disabled, (I was not in AP at the time) and now I've lost all driving visualizations, cruise control and AP (and all the things that go with those features) I entered service mode myself and saw my ECU was "SHUTDOWN" and...
  42. danny

    Starship, FSD, 4860, Chevy Bolt & More | TMC Podcast #40

    0:00 Stream beings 0:15 Intro 2:25 Elon says FSD by end of year again (again) 13:35 Starship launch on 4-20 24:42 Model S and X supercharger incentive 40:41 GM ends the Chevy Bolt 55:14 Tesla 4680 cell update 1:03:04 Texas to add $200 EV registration tax Co-hosts- Louis: @nebusoft Mike...
  43. Brutaka

    Sold 2018 LR AWD White Model 3 With FSD (Aurora, Colorado)

    Currently putting my feet in the water to see if there are any potential buyers for the Model 3 that I'm looking to sell. I'm the only owner and picked the vehicle up on October 15, 2018. Vehicle has been paid off, title in hand and no accidents. It's currently my daily drive vehicle. Vehicle...
  44. fasteddie7

    HW4 auto wipers seem drastically improved

    After a few days of no stop rain in a new Model S with HW4, it seems the auto wiper behavior has been significantly improved from what I’m used to in 2.5 and dare I say on par with my 2016 MS with an actual rain sensor with the mobile eye suite. This was an improvement I wasn’t expecting and a...
  45. Blaine

    For Sale: 2017 Model X 90D

    SOLD! I am selling my 2017 Model X 90D. This car is Pearl White Multi-Coat with Tan Leather interior 6 seat configuration which consists of middle captains chairs and third row seating Full Self Driving with FSD Beta software currently installed MCU2 infotainment upgrade Vossen HF-4T 22 inch...
  46. Allx

    V11 still on 2022.x ?

    Pretty excited to finally be getting v11 , excited to try it out and see if it lives up to expectation … Looking at the release notes I see it’s still on a 2022 build . I thought it was meant to bring FSD and mainline releases together , anyone know if they’re expected to converge ?
  47. S

    Some help on software 2022 vs 2023.

    Hello, New 2023 model Y owner here. I got the first software update yesterday and currently my software version is 2023.6.11. I subscribed for FSD, but I dont see option to turn it ON. I heard that because of some recall, Tesla disabled it. But people on 2022 version has access to it. So...
  48. G

    FSD Audio Disengagement Notes

    I'm curious to learn how other people use the audio feedback after disengaging. Do you give a long-winded diatribe, a short category note (ex. MISSED TURN or WRONG LANE), bitch about something random, etc. I'm guessing Tesla would gain a lot by giving some direction on how best to use the...
  49. J

    FSD Anomaly leaving/entering highways

    Just got FSD today and I noticed issues leaving/entering a highway from a city street. With two left-turn lanes off of the ramp onto city streets, the car attempted to complete a turn from the first lane into the second lane. With two lanes entering the ramp from a city street, the car almost...
  50. M

    I'm picking up my MSLR 2023 this Friday, and I'm absolutely having second thoughts now.

    I'm feeling very hesitant about my decision to purchase a Tesla after quite some time of being solid about it. Unfortunately, it seems that the car I'm getting doesn't come with USS, and after some research, I'm concerned about the Tesla Vision experience. Additionally, I've found out that...