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  1. Jones1

    Autopilot in Houston Texas & Surrounding Area’s

    I haven’t seen a thread for Autopilot in The Houston Area. I have recently picked up my MYP 2022. I did notice how Autopilot applies the brake lightly. When I’m on a two way - 2 lane road. When there is a section or median of grass in between the two directional lanes. It isn’t a hard brake at...
  2. R

    For sale: new 2022 Model Y LR with FSD $76, 500 OBO

    I have a brand new ( 37 miles only ) Model Y LR with FSD for sale. I'm selling because I need the money for more pressing issues. $76, 500 OBO Midnight Silver Metallic . 19 inch wheels I have the title in hand and I'm located in New Jersey/NYC metro area.
  3. I

    FS: 2020 Tesla Model Y Dual Motor Long Range AWD with Full Self Driving capability

    This is in excellent condition – just 12,800 miles – original owner, private sale, garage kept, non-smoking. Remainder of factory warranty (2+ more years general coverage and roadside assistance, 6+ more years on the battery and drive unit). Dual Motor Long Range All Wheel Drive. It has the...
  4. R

    2021 Tesla Model 3 SR+ (Houston, TX)

    Hello everyone, I am located in Houston, TX. I am possibly looking into selling my vehicle to upgrade. Best offer. For more pictures, please message me. For Sale I bought it NEW from Tesla I have owned since Nov 2021 Usage: drive to work. Well kept, Wash/Wax/Detailed bi-weekly Non-smoker and...
  5. Padelford

    Don’t Wait to be Notified for FSD Camera Upgrade!

    I’ve been periodically nagging Tesla about the free FSD camera upgrade for my 2017 MX since last year. I’d set up a service appointment that was later canceled by the SC because they didn’t have the parts. I was told repeatedly that I’d be notified when the parts were available. This time I...
  6. L

    Getting FSD again on a second Tesla.

    I recently sold my 2019 3P with FSD. I passed the Safety Score and used FSD for several months. I now have ordered a 22 Model X Plaid with FSD. Does anyone know if I will need to redo the Safety Score test when I get the X. No one at my local Tesla store had an answer.
  7. M

    Model Y delivery and trade in question

    Hi, I had ordered my model y last year in September. It was suppose to be delivered in March but got delayed to August. a week back, I went in and added FSD to my built and what you know my EDD now in two weeks and have VIN assigned. I have no intention of keeping FSD and I see the remove...
  8. G

    No Safety Score Showing - USA - iOS -v2022.8.2 (latest)

    I have No Safety Score Showing on the app - USA - iOS -v2022.8.2 (latest) I had FSD Beta on my traded in 2018, this is a new 2022 M3 Performance. I read other posts so I tried all I could find I have tried: Logout/Login iOS app Restart Phone Uninstall app reinstall Opt-Out, Opt-In Reset car (2...
  9. OilSucks

    2018 Model S 75D with FSD + 14,050 miles - $68k

    Hey all! For sale I have a beautiful red exterior, black with real wood trim interior November 2018 built Model S 75D with FULL SELF DRIVING! Get into the Tesla lifestyle with, in my opinion, the best Tesla model in the entire Tesla lineup. Included in this Model S are the following items and...
  10. OilSucks

    November 2018 Model S 75D with FSD and 14,050 miles - $72k

    Hey all! For sale I have a beautiful red exterior, black with real wood trim interior November 2018 built Model S 75D with FULL SELF DRIVING! Get into the Tesla lifestyle with, in my opinion, the best Tesla model in the entire Tesla lineup. Included in this Model S are the following items and...
  11. S

    FSD is Dealer Markup

    This will probably be an unpopular opinion, but one of the big things the Tesla crew had over the traditional car makers, during the order process, was no dealer markups. Based on the recent changes pushing FSD that are punishing those who previously ordered non-FSD.. I'd argue that FSD is now...
  12. P

    Any one with 2022.8.2 and still got fsd beta?

    Any one with 2022.8.2 and still got fsd beta? I just upgraded to 2022.8.2 and was hoping for fsd beta to magically appear but no luck. I guess I have to wait for 10.12 to deploy? I have 2018 model x p100d, full self drive computer. I live in Richmond Hill Canada.
  13. B

    Subscription to Fully Paid

    Just got a Model 3 and I subscribed to FSD for a month to see if I like before spending $12000. Well, turns out I am really enjoying it and use it every time I drive. I actually look forward to driving with it. If I switch to the full payment, will it reset my safety score or keep my history...
  14. E

    Removing FSD prior to delivery

    Hello all, I had a question about removing FSD from my existing order, wanted to know if anyone had any knowledge on it. I see on my order page that there is a button to remove FSD from my order, does anyone know up until when I can remove it prior to delivery? I want to hold onto it as I do...
  15. P

    Model Y FSD Poll

    Did you order you Model Y with FSD?
  16. T

    Canada - FSD rollout

    So, it's finally official that we're getting FSD in Canada - has anyone received the update yet? Tesla 2022.4.5.4 brings FSD Beta to Canada
  17. B

    2020 Model S Performance Ludicrous Mode FSD White / White

    I'm selling my 2020 Model S Performance with FSD. It has 30k miles. Looking for 93k. The car is located in Los Angeles.
  18. blissdancer

    Can FSD degenerate over time?

    I got my Tesla Y in late June 2021. FSD was only enabled for freeway use when I got the car. Learning how to let the car drive scared me into being a better driver. lol I became a FSD Beta tester on 12/1/21 and surface street FSD was enabled. Driving on FSD was initially very stressful, but...
  19. C

    Is Tesla still giving out the FSD beta to qualified drivers?

    I have be been at a 98 and up to a 99 safety score for a 6 weeks and have not been offered the FSD beta yet… has Tesla stopped giving it out? Done a few hundred miles at that score.
  20. H

    FS: 2021 Tesla Model X Performance - Midnight Silver Metallic - 22" Onyx Black Wheels - FSD - 18k Miles

    Asking Price $112,500 Backstory Hello There, I'm selling my 2021 Tesla Model X. I took delivery of this vehicle on December 31st, 2020. I decided to place an order for a 2022 Model X Plaid which I'm taking delivery of shortly. The vehicle I'm selling is in excellent condition. The white...
  21. SkiTrak

    Anyone Know when FSD Beta will be available for 2016 AP2 cars?

    It is frustrating to be someone who purchased a 2016 AP2 car and paying up front for AP and FSD and going multiple years before AP2 did what AP1 did and now watching lots of people with the FSD Beta but still not being included because the car does not have what is needed for the beta (the new...
  22. 5

    2018 Model 3 Performance Stealth - 20k Miles- Full Self Driving - Factory Warranty

    Year: 2018 Model: Model 3 Trim: Performance Stealth Mileage: 20,021 miles Title: Clean Title Accidents: None Repair History: Window regulator, Headlights changed due to dimming DRL Warranty: New vehicle warranty good till 07/31/2022, Battery/Drive Unit warranty good till 07/31/2026 FSD: Full...
  23. R

    Model 3 Standard Range+ White/Black 30k Miles - $42k

    Hello - I am looking to sell my 2020 Model 3 Standard Range Plus, currently at ~30,000 miles. The car does have full self driving enabled which i acquired after getting the car. I am the original owner. Car windows have light tint. There is a small blemish on the rear bumper that can be...
  24. Richtig

    2021 Tesla Model X Long Range Plus w/ FSD 6 Seater

    2021 Pre-Re 2021 Tesla Model X LR+ · Driven 18,800 miles 2021 Pre-Refresh Model X Long Range Plus - 6 Seater - FSD Paid for and Beta is active - 18,800 miles and going up - 352 miles range at full charge - 22" Tesla wheels - chrome delete - full satin wrap over the MSM paint (easily removable)...
  25. J

    2019 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD with FSD

    Asking price $47,000 but price is negotiable I’m looking to sell my 2019 Tesla Model 3 with 49,880 miles and FSD along with a bunch of other items - old style black wall charger new in box - Michelin pilot sport 4s tires and Nokian Hakkapeliitta r3 winter tires - 3dMaxpider floor mats along...
  26. R

    Interesting Article on AVIA dropping Self Driving

    The Verge just posted an article about how the AVIA (which Tesla is not a member of) is dropping self driving. Thoughts?
  27. M

    FSD Beta - Disengagements, what happens?

    Once you reach five forced disengagements, what happens? Does the car automatically disenroll you or does it come with the next update? Are you eligible to qualify again via safety score or are you permanently disqualified? I ask because after 600 miles of FSD Beta I had no forced...
  28. G

    Wind shield wipers on upon FSD

    FSD beta for a few weeks. Since delivery whenever I tap paddle to get cruse or FSD the wipers start. They are incontrollable. No off option works. What I can do is select lowest frequency, but this is still annoying. Anybody seeing this behavior, or thoughts on how to correct. Thanks
  29. D

    Anyone else not getting 10.9?

    Hey y’all. Here we go again. It seems like everyone is getting 10.9 at this point and my car shows no sign of any update. It’s odd because for all the previous updates it would be one of the first cars to get it once it went public. Really need it. 10.8.1 is driving terribly around Wilmington...
  30. S

    FSD 10.9 screen freezes and the software crashes

    Hi, Since I got the newest update for fsd 10.9 the screen keeps freezing and the software keeps crashing. I cannot use fsd at all. Does anybody else have this issue?
  31. Hank42

    The Dawn project FSD FUD

    I didn't know the ny times had a funnies section
  32. W

    Get FSD back?!?!

    I had FSD beta with the subscription and I stoped the subscription and I am now on the regular software track. If I resubscribed would I get FSD beta installed instantly or will I have to drive at 100/100 for a week again? HELP
  33. Bowelshreddr

    FSD Beta 10.8.1

    Any thoughts?
  34. S

    For Sale: Tesla Model X 2017 Blue 75D With FSD Capability Good Condition $69000

    Located in San Francisco Bay Area 5YJXCDE20HF060879 52607 miles Certified Pre Owned From Tesla so the warranty is extended until 60,000 miles or August 28, 2021 75D All-Wheel Drive Deep Blue Metallic Paint 20" Silver Wheels Black Leather Seats Standard Interior Five Seat Interior Full...
  35. C

    FSD Beta …unsubscribe/ Subscriber

    I won’t be driving my Tesla for 2 months or so if I cancel my FSD and re-subscribe after two months will I lose Beta ? Or beta stays with vin and I get access to it when aa soon as I sign up again ? Thanks
  36. ajbrun

    FSD purchased with vehicle or post delivery - does it matter?

    Whilst I believe the UK's regulations are behind what Tesla is allowed to offer in the US, I believe FSD will get much more feature rich eventually. Given I plan to keep my MY for ~10 years and my belief in its eventual features, purchasing it *may* make sense. However, I also want to be cost...
  37. G

    FSD on dealership car question

    I understand this question has been asked a million times. About to pull the trigger on a model 3 and dealer sent the above screenshots with proof of FSD being included. 2 questions. Where did the dealer get the screenshot with the car details? I own a model S and I can’t seem to find it. Is...
  38. Y

    FSD upgrade on Refresh Model S LR

    I took delivery on my Refresh S LR last month, and I love it. I configured it without the $10k FSD option, but I see that the option is still available to add in my Tesla account page. I thought I'd enable the subscription to see if I like the features after all, but does anyone know, if I...
  39. EtherMN

    FSD error reporting by voice

    With all the safety in mind, can anyone believe there isn’t a voice command to report an FSD incident?
  40. E

    2020 AWD Model 3 White on White with FSD Beta - San Diego

    2020 Model 3 dual motor AWD LR Pearl White exterior White interior 19" rims Full Self Driving Package, currently running FSD Beta v. 10.8 Ceramic tinted windows 35%F/25%R Full front PPF Jeda hub w 3 USB-A & 2 USB-C ports & Samsung SSD RPM Tesla white center console cover (not wrap) 38k miles...
  41. G

    POLL: FSD Camera Retrofit Status

    I am curious to see where everyone is at with the status of camera retrofits for FSD beta. I know it has been very frustrating for everyone who hasn’t been able to get FSD beta due to the outdated cameras. Hopefully this poll can give some more clarity on how many people have been invited to get...
  42. S

    Looking for detailed commentary on Cruise, Waymo, Mobileye, Tesla approaches and technology

    Has anyone come across a reasonably detailed comparison of the state of the self-driving tech of the major players (and others)? Something that's: Detailed and technical (i.e., goes beyond "Waymo is Geofenced" or vision vs LiDAR). Broken down to the subcomponents - perception, decision making...
  43. C

    New Model S (LR) Rear screen bricked!!!

    I am on FSD Beta and installed 2021.44.25.6 last Friday. Didn’t drive for a couple of days and found out yesterday that the rear screen is completely dark. I rebooted the car a few times with no luck. I scheduled a service appointment and this morning the screen turned on with just white light...
  44. S


    Hi, I am taking a delivery of Model Y Blue 7 seater with FSD on 26th Dec 2021. I am planning to sell it. Anyone interested please reach out to me.
  45. EtherMN

    10.8 FSD

    Anyone see Musk tweet about FSD 10.8 tonight?
  46. SanDiegoM3

    I stopped updating at 2021.4.18 and I have FSD - you maybe should have too

    As cool as it is to be at the forefront of tech I’ve learned over the past 2.5 years that when I found a solid version it’s always best to hold onto that version until it’s massively beneficial to update. If I update now I get: - Massively more annoying driver attentiveness monitoring -...
  47. B

    FSD and local laws ...

    I'm a 2020 Model X now on FSD 10.5 and having a really wonderful time being a part of the evolution of this tech. I've certainly had my share of intervention free drives as well as my share of "WTH are you doing car???" moments. But ... I do have a nagging concern that I don't know how to...
  48. J

    2018 Model S 75D Midnight Silver FSD - NJ

    2018 Tesla Model S 75D Located in Middletown NJ. $70,500 PM me if interested Range 259mi – ( EPA) Excellent condition Model S. Low Mileage at 32,703. Dual Motor All Wheel Drive Midnight Silver Glass Roof 19″ Silver Wheels Black Premium Black Premium Interior Carbon Fiber Interior Décor...
  49. G

    FSD Error Reporting/Feedback Best Practices

    Does anyone know how to best send feedback to Tesla via the video button on FSD drives? I know they've said it's helpful to them if you note the time, the circumstances, write a bit about what happened, etc., but I believe this is impractical for most people, so assume you can only hit the video...
  50. G

    Experienced emergency vehicle detection today with FSD 10.4

    Was using FSD to drive me home tonight. It drove to a 2-lane street (speed limit 45mph) where there's a EMS traveling at left lane with very low speed (~25mph), flashing lights but no siren. We're at right lane and It tried to pass the vehicle (I let that happen because the EMS doesn't seem to...

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