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Destination CHAdeMO w/Tesla Adapter: New Orleans, LA


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Mar 19, 2014
Houston TX
Basically, several concepts came together in a happy confluence.
  • A free, Tesla-friendly CHAdeMO host -
  • A desirable location - both as a Destination in and of itself, but also between two SuperChargers -
  • Tesla's "Referral" promotion making it possible to grab an adapter on Tesla's tab -
And my belief that the most useful CHAdeMO adapter is the one that you don't have to bring with you; that stays at the Charger.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: The first Destination CHAdeMO, located at Rouses Market in New Orleans, Louisiana!

I literally give it to you. So here it is, ready to take the trip to the Big Easy and make it a little Easier:

I don't know when, but soon, I'll drive there, test it, present it to Rouses and write it up on PlugShare. Rouses' management is fully on board and they will keep the adapter inside and hand it out to Tesla drivers on request, with their KeyFob handed over as security.

Rouses Market on PlugShare

I know that road-trippers will be ready for something refreshing from the market to enjoy as they charge.



I shared this on the Houston Facebook group and the response was immediate and super enthusiastic.

Laissez les bons Teslas rouler, baby!

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As fun as it would have been to go in person...
I went ahead and shipped it instead of waiting for a chance to roadtrip. It should get to Rouses on Monday.

Either Jeremy or I will update PlugShare when it is available for borrowing by Tesla owners.

(Thanks, Doug, for the judicious pruning. The thread should be about discussing the location.)


The CHAdeMO Adapter is on the delivery truck; Rouses will have it today.
(No one will see this update because the Model X Sig Config screen shots are out - I call that a fair trade)

Laminated cartoon "instructions card" is zip-tied to the handle -- a note on the back simply reads "Donated August 2015 by a Texas fiddler" :wink:
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Unexpected bonus fun from doing this:
I picked up the adapter from my Service Center, which not only saved time vs. having it shipped, but during the conversation about the adapter and our intentions for it, I asked the Concierge and a Technician about how the adapters' firmware gets updated.
Concierge didn't understand what I was referring to, but the Tech went into the back and came back with their CHAdeMO Adapter Flasher. A gadget composed of two round PCB with cutouts to go right into the "Big End" of the adapter. Pins sticking up from the distal PCB to contact the signal ports. An RS-232 plugtail for the computer to drive the flash procedure.

I felt honored to see this and my TeslaGeek curiosity was sated for once.

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Kudos! This is how we can all pay forward and make EV livin' easier for all!

Thanks, Art!

Kudos go to Nissan, too, for installing the first DCFC in Louisiana! And making it open and free.

It's a new frontier, this whole Long-Distance EV thang.
When the majority of cars are electric, 400-miles in range, and can be quick-charged for cheap or free all over the place, these 'interesting' times of Making It Up As We Go Along will fade into quaint memories and old-timers' trivia questions.