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DIY chrome delete with plastidip?

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I actually just Plasti Dipped my driver side last night. For $8 it looks great but will be trying again tomorrow.

Mistakes Made:
1. Did not provide enough time for this project. Took about two times longer than I planned.
2. Did not coat it thick enough. I did 5 light coats and did not have good lighting so it is thin in a couple spots.
3. Taped a little to close and caused one small rip.

Overall I would say that it is a great, cheap DIY project. I'm going to wrap the handles for looks and durability but all other chrome will be Plasti Dip.
I had Plasti Dip on my last truck and had covered the badges and a front license plate cover since we don't need front plates here. It lasted 7 years with some tough abuse from the pressure washer. By 7 years it was looking a bit thin on one of the badges but otherwise held up impressively well actually.
i did the door handles when i first got the car, and ended up taking it off and getting the abstract ocean door handle vinyl stickers. the plastidip held up alright on the other 3 doors, but the drivers door was pretty awful from constantly being touched...it might work well enough for the rest of the chrome, but for the door handles it just doesn't hold up well enough for me to justify it.
A buddy that does wraps for a living had a guy bring a Ferrari in that Had been plastidipped...(facepalm I know).

He had absolute hell getting the stuff off, it may have been put on too thin or may have been something else special about that car. But he has a video on YouTube showing how terrible it was to remove. It was enough for me to never use plastidip on a car I like.

I’d jump on a DIY vinyl kit well before trying plastidip on a nice new car that I didn’t hate.
I had plastidipped the door handles originally but now have vinyl on the handles and the window trim (minus the rear view mirrors. Those are really tricky and I haven’t found the time yet). 2 issues with dip. The dip will get into the gaps between handles/ trim and the body. It’s not visible but you’ll know it’s there. I didn’t like that and regretted doing it almost immediately. Second, it’ll not last on the handles. Vinyl will take considerably longer and require a lot of patience but it’ll look better and last longer.