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Electrician in Cary, NC

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My neighbor and I are just getting started with electrician estimate visits. Once I see something concrete, will be happy to pass along the names. Might be a few weeks. I'm getting the same setup as yours, the neighbors is more elaborate with HPWC.
To weigh in on this... if the electrician hasn't done an EV charging station install, or better an HPWC install previously, be cautious. We saw quotes climbing to $6K as local electricians padded to protect themselves for something they were unfamiliar with. That said the wiring is pretty straightforward and ultimately we were down sub $1500.

If you have any bit of wiring to run, you may benefit from upsizing the wiring to minimize voltage loss and waste from resistance... you will be routinely using more of the capacity of the wire, unlike a typical circuit.

The approach we took for our dual charger 100 amp HPWC install-- installed a 120amp sub panel which inherently upsized the wiring, this then provided the required cutoff (breaker) proximal to the Tesla HPWC, and we gained capacity for a spare 20 watt circuit for other equipment. We used copper as well as opposed to aluminum despite protests from bidders.
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