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Emotional attached to the S, enough to buy over the X?

Yup.. we love the S but considering the X for more room for the possible future.
We recently sold our 90D S in anticipation for a raven. Test drove the new X. It’s great but then we made the mistake of also taking the new raven S for a spin and oh my word... what an improvement over our 2017 90D. it was like an emotional experience for the wife and I. It brought back all the feelings we had and the “wow” factor from our very first test drive in a model S 4 years ago. The X has that cool factor with the doors, 3rd row seating, ect but the S has that special sauce. You just feel special when driving it and the performance increase over our 90D was really noticeable.

so we basically left that test drive feeling more confused and undecided when we thought the X was it... anyone else here made the switch from the S to X and had any regrets?
My wife drove an S for 5 years, and then switched to an X almost two years ago (and not long after that I switched from an S to a 3).

She wishes she had her S back (and I'd prefer one over the X too); but to be honest I think a lot of the reason for her is that she liked the Signature Red color that her S was.

Here are advantages to the X:
  • Easier to get in and out (this was a big deal for her father, and the main - actually, pretty much the ONLY - reason we switched)
  • Slightly more comfortable because you sit up higher
  • Can tow (we don't; we just use a bike rack, but we added a hitch to the S for that too)
  • Can carry up to 7 passengers (not that we do, in fact we bought a 5-seater)
  • There is a little more cargo space, though mostly just because the car is taller (but the floor is higher, so it's not as much as you might think)
  • The cargo floor is flat, and the frunk is higher, so a little easier to get most things in and out
  • Awesome view out the huge windshield
  • Some cool door tech
Here are advantages to the S:
  • Better looking
  • More efficient (which means cheaper electricity, more range, and faster supercharging)
  • Quicker
  • Better handling
  • Cheaper
  • Cargo area is lower, so easier to get in some cargo like her bike
  • Can have a roof rack
  • More reliable
I think I'd consider the S the "default" vehicle; and only choose the X if you need to tow, carry 6 or 7 passengers, or want/need the easier ingress/egress. Don't sweat it too much though - either way you will end up with a fantastic vehicle! Even though we both prefer the S, we are in no way suffering with the X - it is a really nice vehicle, and does have some advantages.

More details on the differences between the cars HERE.
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We own a '15 85D S. For over two years, we also owned a '16 75D X w/ smart suspension. We test drove a new Raven S today while on vacation, specifically to see how the new ride feels.

AP1/MC1/no suspension S to a new S, seeing the new MC in action and the boost in range, very nice. BUT, to me, the ride was very similar to our '16 X. The biggest change was not feeling/sensing when suspension heights changed, and maybe the regen was a bit sharper initially, but I couldn't tell a huge difference.

My decision point would be "how many kids, and how often?" If I had free money show up, I'd get an X, but that's because we have two car-seat/booster-seat children, and the buckling with Falcon doors was so much easier than in the S. For family trips around town, we defaulted to the X. But only two of you? I'd say the S.
I’ve been test driving many Tesla’s lately, as I’m researching buying one. I have 5 in the family, so I’ve decided on the 6 seat Model X. This allows for all family plus 1 in-law. Now I just have to decide what in-law I like more, Grandma vs Grandpa. Another reason for the X over the S is ride height, we will do some off-roading, nothing major.

But, if my family was 4, I would most likely get the S, it’s nicer looking, in our opinions and has better speed and more range.