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EVT vs TST 18" Wheels

I ordered a set i think they will be Great. Yes the cost difference was a factor when choosing who i should purchase them from but i had difficulty with corresponding with some vendors. When it came to questions EV was right on top of it. And seems to be quick to ship also. I'll let you know when i get them Saturday.
So what's the consensus on which is the way to go?

EVT - $300 cheaper
EVT Wheel for Tesla Model 3 (PRE-ORDER: 18

TST - $300 more expensive but comes as forget set (supposedly making it lighter)

~ 7 lbs heavier per wheel than the stock 18"s will have a significant negative impact on range. I would pass or just paint my existing model 3 wheels.
Refer to this: The Tesla Model 3 Wheel and Tire Guide

Looks like T Sportline is making the 18" Flow Forged to match the Base wheel weight. Any Turbine style wheels is likely heavy by design.

I highly doubt 'The EVT turbine is on average 1-2lbs lighter in construction per wheel than other turbines in the market'. The 19" EVT and 19" TST are already in 28-29 lbs and a 20" is already breaking 30 lbs.
Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 12.49.48 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 12.49.54 PM.png
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Long story short for a non-car guy (ie didn’t know a camber from a caliper), if I upgrade my P3D- order to a PD3+ (With bigger brakes) I will now be able to switch out the 20s for the Tsportslines 18s (or 19s) during snow/pothole season without any issues?
Any reason why you're gonna put winter tires on the OEM Aero's instead of the new set of EVT/TST's? The OEM's will already have All Season tires on the wheels so I'm thinking of putting winter tires on the EVT/TST's.

Because I think the TSTs look nicer than the OEM aero wheels. They'd better suit me as summer wheels. I'm still undecided with whether or not I'll be buying 18" or 19" TSTs. If 18" then I my use my oem tires.