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Features & Options to look for on Used Model S

Hi All,
I have been browsing the forums for a little. then registered as my wife and I decided its time to buy a used MS. I have spent time investigating features and releases based on local wiki's and members posts.

We thought it would be smart to rate the features we would prioritize when searching for a used car. In saying this, I wanted to ask the MS community, those who own a model s, what features do they think are a necessity, and which ones are more "arm candy".

I have listed below and would be open to any opinions.

Background perspective:
Commute each day - 25mins each way - Highway 80% of drive
Located in Seattle
We Love adventure - Snow sports, hike, camp, bike etc.
We have a Golden Retriever
One child on the way (have an SUV as second car)

1) Autopilot - AP 1 min, (Post Oct 2014 - VIN -55k) or maybe AP2
2) Car with ESA up to 100k, or ability to up ESA (if under 50k)
3) AWD
4) Newer car w/ higher miles > Older car w/lower miles
5) Smart Air Suspension
6) Power lift gate
7) Post 2016 face life
8) 75D post July, 2016 - Free uncorking
9) LTE - Post June, 2015

We are looking at a wide variety of cars, from $40-60k depending on features available, so any advice from the MS community based on their own personal opinions would be much appreciated.

Some thoughts to consider:

I would guess that you want an ESA for as long as possible to not have to pay for repairs (definitely smart), but how long do you plan to own the car? I only ask that because I specifically wanted coil suspension (your number 5) to minimize possible future repair costs.

Pre-/Post-facelift is aesthetics, I thought I really wanted the face lift before I bought but then jumped when the price was right on a car with the nose cone. It may be stockholm syndrome, but I really like the nose cone now (even more than the new front bumper).

Otherwise, I would agree entirely. I dropped the upgrade package as a requirement (and lost the power liftgate) and really wished I had it now.
Ended up with going 2018 Model S 75D

16k miles
Deep Sea Blue
Premium White Interior
21" Twin Turbines
Full Glass roof
Smart Air
Premium Interior Lighting
Carbon Fiber Decor
Ultra HiFi Sound
Subzero package
All season Mats

Happy guy here, and the wife is most excited about Dog & Sentry mode.
Congrats! How much did you pay if you don’t mind me asking? Did you also consider leftover new inventory cars?

Yep - Was definately cheaper than inventory cars by about $10-$15k after incentives - Yes it has 16k miles, however, it does have things such as 21s & white interior, which I didnt find many inventory cars had. Or they might have had, but would be even more $$

2019 Model S | Tesla - Similar and still quite a lot more.

2019 Model S | Tesla - $73k
This is the closest to the spec I found.