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Fine citizen keying Tesla Model 3

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So sorry that happened to your car. Pretty disgusting and criminal for someone to do that to someone’s property. She looked like a real winner. I can only imagine what she’s like in person.

What city did this happen in? I would think if they wanted to a search for her face on a driver’s license database might turn her up but don’t know if cops will bother to do that for property crime. Wonder if your insurance company will and see her prosecuted to recover the cost. Like to see her with some charges on her record as well; a little jail time would be nice to teach her a lesson. I’m just floored an adult, and a woman on top if it, would do this. Since you said it went down to bare metal and she looks like she got a lot of your car imagine that’s going to be pretty expensive.

Maybe turning it in to your local TV station might help locate her. It worked for the Model 3 owner in Old Sacramento with those two guys who keyed his car. When it went public they ended up turning themselves into police instead of getting arrested on the street by the cops. Got charged and faced the consequences. If people don’t stop this kind of stuff when they can, it will be a free for all down the road like smashed window break ins are for cars in the SF Bay area (little if any repercussions and epidemic proportions).

Keep us advised.