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First Tesla / New Order placed on 2/4/23

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Hi Everyone,
I've just joined this community. I ordered my Tesla Model Y (Long Range ,Silver Metalic, 20" Induction Wheels & Tow Hitch) current delivery shows March - May. I will appreciate your feedback on how fast or slow things from here on. I've read in a few placed to wait for the VIN before initiating the financial process but I'm not sure if that's correct. As I say before general guidance will be appreciated. I'm currently in SC and plan to ask to take delivery in NC. Thank you
yeah same question, i have completed the Registration and trade-in tab on the app, but left the Loan tab undone. Would my production begin without me starting the application? I dont wanna sit and wait for nothing just because I haven't start the paper work.
the speed of the loan really depends you who is your lender.
If you pick TESLA financing then you can wait until the last min, they are pretty fast.
If you are going third party lender, then you should start the process now and you can sit idle once everything is ready to go.
you can start getting your loan ready, but it can't be funded until you produce MVPA which has you VIN listed.
Thank you for the insight shyboy, and congratulations on your purchase gg_monogram. I'm planning on using Tesla finance, I checked my local credit union but the rates that they offer (the starting point, best case scenario) are a bit higher than what Tesla has listed.
if you have applied to a lender then it doesn't hurt your credit to apply to multiple lenders, for a certain time (I think 14 days) it consider a single hit. and doesn't deduct your credit score. << This rules is for auto loan and mortgage both.

I would start the loan process with multiple lenders and decide at the end who I want to go with.