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Free Voltec EVSE for a good home - Cincinnati Region

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Now owns 2 Model S's!!!
Nov 29, 2011
Harrison Ohio
The lease on my Volt ends next month, and since I am replacing it with a second Model S, I will not have much use for a 15 amp J1772 EVSE anymore. This is not a great EVSE by any means, as it only charges at 240v/15 amps, but it is at least outdoor rated, and 2x the speed of a 120v outlet. The EVSE is in good working order, but I am providing no warranty either expressed or implied.

Since it will just be taking up space in my garage, I would like to donate this EVSE to a small business who will make it publicly available. I dont really care what kind of business you are, or if it is primarily used by customers or your employees, I just want to see it get used. The recipient must do two things :

1. Pay for all installation costs.
2. List the charger on plugshare.

If you are interested in this charger, reply to this thread or hit me up through PM.
Since nobody has expressed any interest yet, I will extend the offer to surrounding regions a little bit. I will meet anyone who want the Voltec at any of the supercharging stations surrounding Cincinnati (Dayton, Indy, Lexington, Columbus) to make the handoff.