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Midwest & Great Lakes

  1. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Minocqua, WI

    - Link to permit history of parcel - PDF of initially denied supercharger application, including site plans - PDF of Public Hearing announcement for Tesla's appeal of their initial zoning denial What: Tesla plans to install 8 V3 superchargers in the overflow lot next to Trig's supermarket in...
  2. B

    Supercharger - Rogers, MN

    Looks like a possible Supercharger in Rogers, MN: https://mn.itic.occinc.com/mnrecApp/ticketSearchAndStatusView.jsp?enc=7VvQBD%2F6dpwl42y%2FNXeVeUUzCxwNkJZQkI6DXJknk3PWcgdA9NB3i0gcMAMSzpI5 @Chuq @MarcoRP
  3. mociaf9

    Supercharger - St. Paul, MN

    @Terrywood02 identified a new supercharger location to be built in St. Paul on the Supercharge.info forum: New SC in St Paul, MN What: 12 V3 superchargers and some L2 stations to be installed in the NE corner of the Midway SuperTarget parking lot. Address: 1300 University Ave W, St Paul, MN...
  4. B

    2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring

    I want to sell my 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid with Touring trim. This is single owner, garage kept and exceptionally maintained car. This also comes with additional 100K mile warranty. Honda Safety suite is standard due to Touring trim along with Navigation and front collision avoid system. All 4...
  5. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Vadnais Heights, MN

    https://www.managetickets.com/mnrecApp/ticketSearchAndStatusView.jsp?enc=CPdYXlwc%2F26lJQTU6%2B0mLAEBmEebq%2F8ZyyaXyRx%2BgljPufk7RrB5Zu%2FKpdv7LROa Site design survey of part of the Target/Vadnais Square parking lot from July 2020 which is likely for the planned supercharger in Vadnais Heights...
  6. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Maple Grove, MN

    https://www.managetickets.com/mnrecApp/ticketSearchAndStatusView.jsp?enc=6ghqEKvRs3kk1Bid4Wcy5QEBmEebq%2F8ZyyaXyRx%2BglilbEyoDzA4dWgnVZWk4kz8 Site design survey of the Target parking lot from February 2021 which is likely for the planned supercharger in Maple Grove, MN. See explanation here for...
  7. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Bloomington, MN

    https://www.managetickets.com/mnrecApp/ticketSearchAndStatusView.jsp?enc=%2Bw3flAp6aN1y4ShWbNHGIgEBmEebq%2F8ZyyaXyRx%2BglhLbd1WSJsV7L%2FsqwkyKGoz Site design survey of the Target parking lot from February 2021 which is likely for the planned supercharger in Bloomington, MN. See explanation here...
  8. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Carlton, MN

    https://www.managetickets.com/mnrecApp/ticketSearchAndStatusView.jsp?enc=eYW2upd0hAEp16FsDU%2BACgEBmEebq%2F8ZyyaXyRx%2BgljZMvVRMIiRsQV5mXf%2FH%2BKS Site design survey of the Black Bear Casino and Resort parking lots from October 2020 which is likely for the planned supercharger in Carlton, MN...
  9. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Twinsburg, OH

    https://www.mytownneo.com/story/news/2021/03/29/sheetz-plans-rebuild-east-aurora-road-location-twinsburg/7019656002/ The existing Twinsburg Sheetz gas station is being demolished and rebuilt. With the remodel they are also planning on adding some number of superchargers and universal charging...
  10. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Evanston, IL

    https://cityofevanston.civicweb.net/document/47282/Resolution%201-R-21,%20Authorizing%20the%20City%20Manager.pdf What: Tesla is in negotiations with the City of Evanston, IL to build a V3 supercharger of 12 stalls in a public garage in downtown Evanston (Maple Avenue Self Park). [Note: The...
  11. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Mt. Pleasant, IA

    I found a utility location request in order to do the site design for a "Tesla Project" at the Hy-Vee gas station in Mt. Pleasant, IA. Based on Tesla's existing partnership with Hy-Vee for hosting superchargers and the fact that the survey company has done similar work for other superchargers...
  12. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Marquette, MI

    I found a mention in the June 26th meeting minutes of the Marquette Township Planning Commission [PDF] of Tesla building charging stations at the Meijer store. No further information since that meeting was found via online searching. So, a call to the planning office confirmed that Tesla was...
  13. B

    Supercharger - Minnetonka, MN

    This permit is a few months old, but due to the valuation, I thought it was worth putting on here. @Chuq @BlueShift @MarcoRP Thoughts? Permit MI232217 Details - City of Minnetonka | ePermits This is the Minnetonka Target. Property Information PID: 0311722420023 Address: 13201 Ridgedale Dr...
  14. mociaf9

    Supercharger - St. Louis Park, MN

    I found the following because I had searched for other One Call tickets opened by the same caller who did the requests for the supercharger construction in ND and Alexandria. That led me to the possible electrical permit. One Call underground utilities locate request for excavation to install...
  15. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Flossmoor, IL

    Local news coverage of newly planned supercharger: Tesla plans electric car charging stations at Flossmoor Meijer | HF Chronicle Flossmoor Plan Commission meeting from 2019-03-21 discussing the matter (Item 4-B) : http://www.flossmoor.org/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Minutes/_03212019-383 [pdf] What...
  16. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Sault Ste. Marie, MI

    Having seen, in other threads, that Tesla recently procured land from Meijer for Superchargers in both Hudsonville, MI (see the first link in this post of mine) and Swartz Creek, MI (see the attachment in this post by @79yofridge ), I was reminded of a post in the Escanaba Supercharger thread by...
  17. mociaf9

    New Service & Sales Center - Columbus, OH

    Tesla is currently working on opening a new Service and Sales Center location in Columbus, OH Address: 4099 Easton Loop W.; Columbus, OH 43219 Project: A new Tesla Service/Repair Center and Showroom with auto sales at Easton Town Center. Construction/Tenant Improvement has already started...
  18. DriveMe

    Supercharger - Akron, OH (Service Center, not for public use)

    Akron just showed up on the Supercharger map as targeted for this year! There are several Sheetz location in Akron/Canton area. I wonder if it will be one of those.
  19. D

    Chicago - Detroit- I-94 SC Access Report

    I've driven this roundtrip 3x in 3 weeks. These were my first road trips and one thing I learned is that your timing can be impacted greatly by ingress/egress to SC - from the moment you pull onto the exit ramp until the moment you're plugging in (and the reverse) - a pretty obvious point but...
  20. fataldeadlock

    Looking for Clear Wrap in Central Illinois

    I am currently awaiting delivery of a CPO Blue 2015 Model S 85 kwh with AP 1.0. The last vehicle I bought was a 2011 Mazda RX-8 which I bought new and was very disappointed by the massive number of rock chips eating away at my paint. Looking to prevent that with the Model S by installing a...
  21. ShawnA

    Plain steel fasteners on Roadster bottom pans = Galvanic Corrosion

    I was under the Roadster yesterday to program the rear antenna of the TPMS system. I had to remove the pan under the two blowers. My Roadster still has 2 motors on the fans. I was disappointed to see so many rusted fasteners on the undercarriage holding the various aluminum panels in place...
  22. T

    Owning a Tesla in Michigan

    Hi All, I am a prospective Tesla owner and I was wondering if any current Tesla owners in Michigan could help answer a couple questions. Do you notice any issues with the public and owning a Tesla in Michigan for being the home of the Big 3? Do you think it would be an issue working for one of...
  23. F

    Call to support Wisconsin bill AB717

    This is the Bill that is currently with the transportation committee in the state legislature for wisconsin. Please call to show support for AB717 which would allow Tesla to open stores and service centers in Wisconsin! Key person to call: Representative John Spiros who is the head of the...
  24. F

    Milwaukee area Tesla owner?

    Hi everyone, looking to purchase a Tesla, but have never sat in one in person or really even seen one up close. The closest Tesla "dealer" is almost 2 hours away for me in Illinois. If any Milwaukee area owners would be willing to meet up with me so I could check out their car it would be...
  25. D

    2015 Model S 85D, CPO Warranty, AP1, Gray/Tan, Pano/UHFS/Subzero + More - Ohio

    I am selling a 2015 Tesla Model S 85D in excellent condition. This was a Tesla CPO car, and it has a CPO warranty through November 2019 or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. As of 2/20/18, there are 52,162 miles on the car, and I don’t drive very much in the given week, so let’s say you can...
  26. bwestlak

    Northport Michigan car show

    Northport in the Lelenau peninsula north of Traverse City, has a recurring event Cars in the Park on Memorial Day. They are inviting owners of electric vehicles to join in and expand the event. Northport has installed charge stations for J1776 and Tesla to assist owners. Contact...
  27. bjwModelS

    Gauging Interest - Sale (70D) or Trade (90D or 100D)

    2015 Model S 70D, 44XXX miles, pre-refresh. Never wrecked, hand washed, great condition. Some rim curb rash. We're ready to get a larger battery to reduce charging stops/times with our 3 kids. Can obviously provide pics if needed. Located in Indianapolis. Garaged car, 100% charged to 231 at...
  28. D

    Kansas / Missouri / Nebraska / Oklahoma / Alabama?

    Looking for a 2014 or 2015 Model S, most likely a 60, in the Midwest. Cash in hand waiting for a CPO to fall from the sky. Please let me know if you're looking to sell in the next couple of months. Thanks!
  29. D

    Supercharger - St Joe, Marshall, Ann Arbor, Livonia - Snow?

    Travelling Chicago to Detroit tomorrow. Given the snows we've had over the past couple of weeks, I'm wondering whether any or all of the stalls in the I-94/96 superchargers are blocked by piles of snow left by the plows. Can anybody who has used/seen them recently comment? Thanks
  30. nowtleft

    USB stick - issues

    Hi, any advice on what stick to use please? I have a really tiny stick made for Tesla but streams badly - music keeps breaking up. (That stick which cost a ruddy fortune is now lost somewhere on the floor!) Another generic stick has the same problems and a 64GB Sandisc is not even recognised! I...
  31. outdoors

    WTB: Arachnids New & Unmounted

    If anyone is looking to sell the Arachnids and they are new and unmounted please feel free to PM me. Willing to pick up in MI, IN, OH. Not interested in having shipped to me currently. $3000 would be my tops. Thanks. Enjoy your day!
  32. KManS

    2013 Model S P85+ Drivers Edition $60k

    My Model 3 is arriving shortly and I need to either trade in my Model S or sell it outright before acquiring my Model 3. I purchased this Model S at the end of July 2017 from Tesla via the CPO program and it came with an additional 4 years 50,000 mile warranty. The car originally came from...
  33. A

    Indianapolis Service Center Experience

    Quick Service Experience Story: A month ago I notified the Service Center that my 2013 MS had a couple ongoing minor issues-- some bubbling on the main display and my TPMS was notifying that it needed service. After a couple weeks waiting for a replacement screen I dropped my car off and they...
  34. M

    Supercharger - Fishers, IN?

    Saw this on Superchargers application, there was some photos provided (see below). Is this an already existing location or is this new stuff? Address: 9 Municipal Drive, Fishers IN
  35. P

    Model 3 spotted in Indianapolis

    Stopped by Indy Sc and spotted a model 3 on an unloading transport. I’ve been watching then unload and it looks like this model 3 may just be passing through. But at least someone somewhere is getting a new toy.
  36. rtanov

    Good body shop in Cincinnati?

    I am looking for recommendations for a good body shop in Cincinnati. Someone put a big dent on my driver's door on my brand new Model 3! Tesla recommends Blue Ash Auto Body - anyone worked with them? I've had Dave Orr's work on my bimmers, and I like his work - I just had him look at the dent...
  37. Chuq

    Supercharger - Chicago, IL - South Canal Street

  38. Chirider

    Powerwall installer in Illinois?

    I am in the Chicagoland area and wanted to see if anyone has had an Powerwall installation in IL and who they used. I just took the plunge and placed a deposit. I currently have a 10k solar system with battery back up (golf cart batteries ugh!) and a NG generator. Hoping a Powerwall can replace...
  39. Trips

    Nebraska LB 830 would allow Tesla to sell directly.

    Email I received about LB830. At Tesla, we’re accelerating the future of sustainable energy with groundbreaking electric cars and energy products. As you may know, Nebraska is currently one of the few states that prohibits manufacturers from selling directly to consumers. Although we make...
  40. K

    East side Cleveland, How do we get a supercharger?

    So this year i have seen a lot of superchargers popping up around Cleveland. There's going to be one downtown, one in Strongsville, one in Sheffield, already one in Twinsburg. How do we get Tesla to place on somewhere on the east side? There is nothing from Cleveland to Erie, PA. Is there a...
  41. E

    WTB: MS 85/85D

    Hi all, Unfortunately, as a non-owner my day-1 reservation for a Model 3 isn't going to get me a car by the time my current gasser's lease is up (1/31!) and frankly, I need a larger car as I just replaced the other one with an i3. Here's what I'm looking for: Requirements: 85+ kWh battery...
  42. Mickie

    CHAdeMO adapter for sale, new.

    New in sealed box. $425 local pickup in Chicagoland area. I could drive probably a 30 mile radius to drop off as well. Will consider shipping, just need to get a price on your location. Thanks!
  43. allenkoehler

    Slower than advertised Supercharging?

    I've had my new Model S 75D for about three weeks now and I love it. We've taken it from where we live in Northeast PA to Long Island, NYC, Boston and Ohio so far. We discovered on our road trips that we would only max out on our supercharging stops between 90-94 kW, never any higher, often in...
  44. R

    Supercharger - West Cincinnati, OH

    It is under construction at the Meijer off of I74 at 6550 Harrison Ave. There is s McDonalds, Longhorn and Kohls right there.
  45. E

    Supercharger - Chicago IL (New City)

    gmo43 located a permit for a new supercharger in Chicago. The location is "New City", a new apartment / retail development at 1457 North Halsted Street. Electrical wiring permit number 100733296, for "TESLA SUPERCHARGING STATION ELECTRICAL SERVICE, FEEDER, AND CIRCUITS" was issued on November...
  46. arijaycomet

    Ohio: Detail Shop + Ceramic Coating = My REVIEW!

    Check out my blog post here: TAKE TWO: Rehab Detailing — Cleveland, Ohio Late Dec/2017 my wife upgraded her 2015 MS to a 2017 MS with AP2. With only 3 miles on the odometer at arrival, we decided this car needed to have the full protection. Our favorite local shop is Rehab Detailing. They...
  47. outdoors

    Model 3 meetup Ann Arbor, MI Supercharger Saturday 1/27 9:00am-12noon

    I am inviting any members, friends, and family. Heck anyone that wants to see a Model 3 in person. Would like to see as many Tesla's for others to compare size attributes, fit, and finish. Model 3 will be from back from being from a full Expel Ultimate job by Michigan Tinting in Clarkston...
  48. T

    New Incoming Gigafactory Workers Looking for Relocation Help From Current Employees

    The employment deficit at the gigafactory is partly due to the inability of out of town workers to establish a dwelling in the Gigafactory. If you are a current employee looking for a roommate or offering a couch, or a new employee looking to for a place near the factory, this thread is for you.
  49. J

    Help Needed - Summer Car Show in Leelanau

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I am new to the forum and new to the concept of participating in this type of media. So I ask for your forgiveness if I err in etiquette in my initial posts and also your suggestions for best avenues in getting the word out on what we’re trying to achieve as described...
  50. Jim MacInnes

    Building a strong, equitable electric vehicle market in Michigan

    Forum: Building a strong, equitable electric vehicle market in Michigan