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FSD Not Listed on Monroney Sticker?

Took delivery last night of a 2021 Model Y, originally ordered in March of 2019.

Looking at the monroney sticker this morning, I noted FSD was not listed, with the configured price of the vehicle reduced accordingly. Has anyone else who ordered FSD from the factory noticed if it was listed on your sticker, or not?

The monroney sticker for my 2019 Model 3 listed FSD, so I'm curious if this an anomaly or a policy change from Tesla.

I wouldn't necessarily care, except in the case of an accident where the vehicle was totaled, I'm concerned that I wouldn't be reimbursed for the FSD purchase.
...I noted FSD was not listed, with the configured price of the vehicle reduced accordingly...

If you already paid for FSD prior to the delivery which was enough time to reflect on the Monroney sticker, I would ask Tesla to reprint an updated and correct revision of what you paid for.

It's possible that the car itself was customized by another buyer who did not buy FSD. When that buyer backed out prior to the delivery, you might inherit that car and Tesla just neglected to give you an updated Monroney sticker.

You can either ask for a hard copy or just have it sent you electronically by e-mail.
I came across this old thread because of a similar (although opposite) experience of my own. I just picked up my new Model Y (ordered 8 months ago) and the Monroney sticker indicates that FSD is included (with the sticker price reflecting that cost). Odd, particularly because I know for a fact that this $ amount will be used to establish the insurance value and the value for my state’s annual excise tax calculation.