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full screen browser not working all the time?


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May 31, 2015
has anyone else noticed lately that the web browser (when using the youtube trick with either a better theater or any other app that uses it) doesn't always go full screen anymore? I've had this happen twice on the roadtrip I'm currently on when trying to watch channels dvr (and confirmed it also didn't work with ABT) while supercharging...had to do a scroll wheel reset to get it to work again.

the tesla theater did still go full screen, but the web apps using the youtube redirect link did not, until I rebooted using the scroll wheels...
Not that issue. My Web app (browser) never opens. Busy Icon goes round and round and .... forever.
This started after I tried to view user manual - No text loaded - and I closed that window which cause a full reset. Then the browser would not open.
I am wondering if all these issues in infotainment are internet/WiFi related.
Turn in a service request. If we open enough of them perhaps someone at Tesla will notice - or NOT!