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Good buy??

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Looking at p100dL pricing. I have seen a lot of variability in price with cars with minor accidents going as low as 90k and still others in the $120s.

What do you guys think of this?

2017 model s p100d
Loaded including eap and fsd
16k Miles - one owner - no accidents
$160k msrp

Trying to get it for $110k. Is that fair? Should I start lower?
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Yeah sorry. Didn't mean to scare anyone.

Not really sure the extra price for the P is worth it thought. Seems like an uncorked 100D is plenty fast.

What you pay all that $$$ is for the ability to do Ludicrous launches and feel 1.2Gs of lateral acceleration. Otherwise a P100D in Sport Mode is just like a 100D in Sport Mode. I bet for most people an extra ~35% premium is not worth the launch thrill. A 100D is seriously scary fast for day to day driving where you are over the speed limit after a few seconds of accelerating. Also I think the 0-30 acceleration is quite similar for the P100D and the 100D.