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Grab One Inside Handle, BOTH Front Doors Open on Model S!

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Here is one that I haven't seen before. Recently, when I stop my Model S after driving, put it in park and open the driver's side door using the inside handle, the FRONT PASSENGER side door opens too! The sound of the electric actuator can be heard as though somebody were grabbing the handle. It is completely random and I cannot seem to get it to do it on-demand. The only thing I can figure is that my wife's Model X is teaching my old MS some new automatic door opening tricks ;) Just wondering if anyone with a Model S has experienced this weird behavior.

For reference, my car is a 2016 Model S (123,xxx) with 28K miles running 10.14.2 a88808e. This condition was first noticed sometime in the prior software release. I have not yet contacted service, but I am documenting the times and dates to hopefully assist them in finding any anomalies in the logs more easily.
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