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door handles

  1. Sanderpman12

    Door handle repair question

    Hi all, Both of my back door handles went. Not presenting when I unlock the car. Which of these below do I buy if I wanted to try fixing this myself? Amazon- Dasbecan Door Handle Repair Kit Upgraded Compatible with Tesla Model S 2012-2017 with Micro Switch Harness Handle Paddle Door Panel...
  2. K

    Available M3Y L/R Door Handles

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing M3Y L/R Door Handles. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. K

    For sale M3Y L/R Door Handles

    Have a set of L/R door handles up for grabs (2pcs) brand new never used. Feel free to reach out with any questions, shipping fees will be paid by buyer unless amount is reasonable.
    or best offer
  4. K

    M3/MY Full Set Door Handles (Mat Finish)

    Up for grabs a set of new door handles. These are the Mat Black finish for 3/Y models. $275 w/shipping. Part Numbers 1528114-00-D x2 1528115-00-D x2
  5. K

    Model 3/Y 2LH-2RH OEM Door Handle Set

    Up for grabs a set of M3/Y OEM Door Handles brand new ready to be shipped. $275 OBO buyer pays for shipping if over $10, PM if interested 🙏 I can send pics upon request
  6. N

    Driver door handle presenting and retracting three times every mode transition

    Each time I transition from park to drive/reverse or activate the door handles from the outside and allow it to timeout to retract the handles, the driver door handle retracts and presents exactly three times. The handle does not appear to be damaged in any way and suffered no trauma. There were...
  7. U

    Is there any hope for my 1 gen door handle?

    Video: New video by Øyvind Sakkestad I've switched the microswitch and suddenly the motors starts to go crazy..
  8. M

    M3/MY Door Handles (Set Of 4) / 2021-2022

    Hello all, New to the forum :) I have a set of Door Handles (Set Of 4 2RH-2LH) for M3/MY that I’m letting go for a good price, looking to get $350OBO considering they are about $200 each. Great condition, I can send pics upon request. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and...
  9. B

    Door handles too hot to touch

    We just brought home our Model Y last week. It's parked on a driveway that has a southwest exposure. My kids and I have both had times in the afternoons when the door handles got extremely hot from sitting in the sun. The kids were afraid to try and open the doors. I don't think it's hot enough...
  10. Bill D

    Door handles keep going in/out

    When my 2014 MS is unlocked, every 60 seconds, all 4 door handles go in for 6 seconds and then go back out. This cycle has been continuing for four hours. While I sit in the driver's seat (with or without the Fob), the handles stay in. About 10 minutes after I get out, the cycling resumes...
  11. K

    Most Reliable Model S Handles? Gen 3 vs Rebuilt

    So, I have a late 2014 Model S that's new to me and all handles work fine, but I have fears they will fail in the future (and have a girl that'd freak out if it didn't present at car rider pickup line from school). I would like to be planning towards getting all 4 to where I don't really need to...
  12. I

    A Miracle or Business as Usual?

    It is a few weeks ago now, however, it comes to mind often. I went to pick my partner up, from her volunteer job. Road was busy, so I had to park 50 yards away. She had not seen me, so I got out of the car and waved. She still di not see me. I walked towards her and when I was about 10 yards...
  13. swengl

    Door handles

    Please Elon, don't put the retractable door handles (like the Model S) on the CyberTruck! I've gone through 2 of them already on my S and, while they are cool, they are not all that practical and seem prone to breaking. I would be OK with the option to have the driver door self present without...
  14. cadetsea

    Model 3 Door Handles: What Are They Made Of?

    I remember seeing a photo of one that had been snapped in half (some vandal pushed in the handle and pulled towards the front of the car until it broke) - seemed to look like hollow plastic, but I can't seem to find it again. The handles do get hot enough in the sun, so I guess the coating is...
  15. S

    All door handles except driver's do not present themselves sometimes

    Hi all, A couple of days ago I noticed that as I approach my car only driver's door handle presents itself. The other 3 are staying in and don't react to pressing. Rebooting does not help. Anybody else have this problem? Software: 2019.28.3.1 Settings: Driver Door Unlock Mode: Off...
  16. P

    Can I swap a gen 1 door handle for a gen 3?

    The driver side rear door handle on my 2013 Model S will not extend and also will not trigger the lock. After doing much online homework, I think the problem might be a worn ribbon cable. I assume the third gen handles have fixed a lot of issues, can I take one from Ebay and use it to replace my...
  17. chadcristi

    Model X Custom Finger Print / Scratch Blockers

    For those who haven't covered your chrome door handles yet, here is a great DIY solution for eliminating those unsightly finger prints and fine scratches from the door handles of your Model X. Introducing the Maverick Door Handle Appliques for the Tesla Model X. Each set includes 4 solid...
  18. E

    Color Match Wrap Thread (Door Handles, etc..)

    Hey all, About to take delivery of my Red Model 3 tomorrow. Definitely considering doing a color match wrap on the door handles. Maybe even some accents inside? I know many are just doing full "black-out" or "chrome removal", including the door handle..... but as seen in the Model 3...
  19. R

    Both rear doors won't unlock

    The rear doors were working fine this morning but now both rear door handles remain in the open position and the door is locked from the outside. I've tried rebooting the car (paddles on steering wheel and a hard reset from the settings menu) but it hasn't solved the problem. The rear door...
  20. chadcristi

    Grab One Inside Handle, BOTH Front Doors Open on Model S!

    Here is one that I haven't seen before. Recently, when I stop my Model S after driving, put it in park and open the driver's side door using the inside handle, the FRONT PASSENGER side door opens too! The sound of the electric actuator can be heard as though somebody were grabbing the handle...
  21. David29

    Ice strikes again (door handles and frameless windows)

    I thought I had learned how to manage the Model S door handles in cold weather during the past two winters. But today I experienced a new wrinkle in this challenge. We had snow, then rain yesterday, followed by a freeze last night. I cleaned the snow off the car late in the afternoon, hoping...
  22. cookpwr

    Door Handles - 48 hrs Disabled Auto-Present Temporarily

    I wonder if this causes confusion to many owners who don't realize this interesting "feature" From the Owners Manual (that I imagine many don't read fully) ================================================ To preserve battery life, Model S is designed to temporarily disable the Auto-Present...
  23. T

    Door handles and wrapped car

    First post here after 6 months of lurking... I am having some problems with the vinyl around the door handles, the wrapping comes of after a week (had it done twice) The wrapping is done by professionals. Is there anyone else with this problem? I live in a country with a cold climate.
  24. J

    Scalding hot door handles

    Now that summer has arrived in south Florida, I am having painful experiences with the door handles. Anybody have a good solution other than parking indoors?
  25. Lex

    Hand Wash Mode

    Is there any way to keep the door handles out today ? I haven't found it. The handles need washing and dying too. I really hate chrome, and I really really hate leaving it wet as I've seen it bubble from items so many many times. Regardless of motive I suggest a Hand Wash Mode setting for...
  26. B

    DIY - Carbon Fiber Door Handles

    Well after 2-3 nights and 6 revisions, I figured out the right formula for wrapping the door handles on my Model S. I have a Black P85 with the Carbon Fiber finish... so I wanted to try to match that finish as much as possible. I tried a few different films... 3M makes the best one (my...
  27. ElectricAvenue

    How to remove the door handles

    I would like to plasti dip the door handles on my model S. Is there an easy we to remove them?
  28. Hank42

    Gen 2 door Handles and "puddle light"

    I am a long-time hold out from the original S who's door handles ejected 100% and had no "give" or "flex" that emulates the feel of a traditional car. After a failure of one handle to present, I (reluctantly) agreed to have all 4 replaced with the new(er) gen 2 door handles that present to...
  29. tanner

    Model X Key? Door Handles?

    After having placed my Model X reservation yesterday (Just Reserved, YAY! # In Line & Mirrors: Conflicting Stories?! - super excited!!!), a plethora of weird questions pertaining to the upcoming car are starting to gnaw away in the back of my head. First up, the key? Does anyone know if Tesla...