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Great MYLR delivery experience in Columbus, OH!

I figured I'd share since many people who have positive experiences don't ever share, while those who have negative experiences are sometimes more likely to vent. I picked my MYLR up in Columbus, OH a couple weeks ago and everything went very quickly and smoothly. I arrived a little before 10am, just before they opened. Chatted with one of the service guys about the Model 3 Performance, as he owns one and so do I. When they opened at 10am, I was approached by several people who checked to make sure I was being helped, and offered a bottle of cold water. My advisor was also a M3P owner and enthusiast, so I enjoyed speaking with him as well.

I was given my paperwork, which only took a minute to sign, my two card keys, and then led out to my shiny new MY. I didn't need any type of orientation with the vehicle since I already own a Model 3, but they did offer to show me how everything worked on the car if I wasn't aware. I gave it a thorough once over. I couldn't find any problems or blemishes on the exterior or interior and it was generally spotless. The driver side had a paper mat to protect from footprints when the advisor moved it outside. Panel gaps were uniform everywhere, and better than the ones on my '21 M3P. Paint was extremely clean and of good quality. It didn't even have many iron particles stuck to it, which I noted when claying/prepping it for ceramic coating last weekend. I had a long drive ahead of me, and the advisor had it charged to 99% (which I had requested ahead of time). He also made sure not to back it up too close to anything so I could fully open the rear hatch for inspection.

My car was a June '23 Austin production and had HW4 with the cargo tray/cover, but no matrix headlights. I was at Tesla for about 40 minutes total, and then I was driving home my wife's shiny new car. It was the best new car purchase/delivery experience I've ever had. They did a great job handling the details, and I didn't have any surprises.

I am admittedly allergic to traditional car dealerships. I despise all the games the sales people play, being handed off to different people (most of whom don't seem to know anything), not getting straight answers to questions, not getting a clear price, having to sit for hours sifting through paperwork while trying to secure the keys to the car. I honestly don't think I'll ever go through all of that nonsense ever again. Conducting the whole purchase and delivery process on my phone via the app and text was wonderful compared to being put through the wringer at a traditional car dealership. My only hope now is that my Teslas are durable and will hold up over time!

So for everyone expecting problems, don't lose hope! :)