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Help: Estimated Cost to Replace/Fix Condenser?

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TL:DR: Hit a tree stump with front left tire. Damaged condenser, it's leaking.

Any idea how much Tesla is going to charge me to fix this?

Hit a tree stump while parking in a rural area. It's only about 6 inches high. But... Enough that the car hit it and ripped off the mud guard on the front left tire.
Immediately could hear a hissing sound. Definitely losing refrigerant from this condenser.
Minor scrape on front bumper, don't care about that. Mud guard should probably be replaced, but not too concerned about that either.

Main thing is I have no idea how much the condenser will be or if it's safe to charge the car (and I'm only at 25%).
Already scheduled service, appointment is made for 2/22, as that was the earliest appointment. Not sure if I should risk charging and/or driving the car.
I had the same thing replaced as OP asked - RH condenser developed several leaks as of road debris. They had to diagnose it for two hours and the change added app. 2,4 hours labor to the bill. The unit itself was €371. Add tax on top of it.
In the UK, condenser was £200 and regas was another £200.
Hopefully you haven't damaged the large front holder as that is £600 from Tesla, I paid 300 second hand. Even the plastic air ducting is £120 from Tesla and hard to find 2nd hand in good condition.