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Help identifying underbody trim pieces?

Hey all, my 2016.5 Model S is at about the 6 year mark, and everything has been relatively good two years out of warranty. Recently however, I would occasionally hear a scraping sound, when going forward or reverse, even when slowly, but would often disappear when going faster.

It turns out to be some sort of plastic underbody trim piece that has about a 6" length broken free on one end. It is pliable, but stiff enough that the loose end mostly hangs down just a few inches, but occasionally bends where it can scrape the ground, making the horrible sound. This photo is from between the two passenger wheels, looking back towards the rear. But the daylight on the right is where the door and sill come down under the car, the trim piece, is about 1.5" wide, running I think the whole length from wheel to wheel, has some alternating ribbed areas and flat areas. I think the large flat round things are either plastic pegs/fasteners, or covers for fasteners, where there is a large hole to pass through the trim piece. This one in the pic is intact, but one of these round things further back I think is missing, the long trim piece may have broken there to allow the 6" piece of it to hang down.

Not knowing what it's for, I'm hesitant to cut the dangling 6" piece off, even though it's clearly not doing what it is supposed to. Anyone know what the name or number of the part is, so I can try to order a replacement from Service? And if the flat round things are re-usable once removed, or should I order some number of those for re-attachment?

The black round thing is just a fastener. You can remove it by putting a screwdriver underneath the cap in one of the two notches, and pop it out. Amazon has these if you can figure out the size (car clips) or you can order from Tesla. Looks like something scarped along the car bottom in this photo
You can identify all the parts for your car using Tesla Parts Catalog and your Tesla Login.
Thanks DerbyDave!

I had a chance to take a closer look at home this morning, it looks like the trim piece is some sort of weatherseal to protect certain bolts in the undercarriage from water and road spray. There are actually three 2' lengths laid end-to-end, it was the middle seal where a couple of the car clips had broken off, and a 6" end was bent and loose.

Looking in the catalog, it looks like a cover to protect the HV battery attachment bolts from the elements:

and the clips are:
CLIP,PUSH-PULL,7.0 HOLE,20.0 OD,11.5L 1037218-00-B

I tore the 6" loose end off, since it was already dangling, the rest of that middle seal is still firmly in place with clips. One battery bolt is exposed, but not much rain in our forecast for the next week or so, while I request the parts from service.

Curious about getting aftermarket clips, I found a bunch on Amazon of 20mm clips, 7mm hole, but only 10mm length. Look like the Tesla ones are 11.5mm length, which I can't find. Do you think it matters much the 10mm vs 11.5mm length? I only need about three of them, so maybe just order from Tesla?

Whew, only 30 cents a clip from Tesla, they're not trying to gouge us on the little things. That's cheaper than anything on Amazon, and I don't have to buy 50 of them. I was expecting like $3 per clip, as the few aftermarket sites selling the Tesla OEM part number were charging.
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