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High amp volatility /w apartment building charger

I'm charging my 2020 Model Y in a condo apartment building. The building recently installed Powerflex charging stations.

For some reason, when charging from the Powerflex units I get seemingly wild fluctuations from 8-30 amps. See screenshot for how this looks over the course of a charging session.

Since I've never seen this behavior when charging at various destination chargers and Superchargers, I'm wondering if there's a chance something is wrong with the Powerflex unit and whether this sort of volatility is damaging to the battery at all.

Anyone have any experience here?


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I use Powerflex stations regularly. The varying purple area in the chart is the normal load management of the Powerflex system. However, your red spikes are not normal. I suspect that the car is seeing voltage fluctuations that it doesn't like. Try sitting in the car while it's charging and watching the voltage and amperage reading on the car's screen. If the voltage drops, followed by the amp draw dropping, then there is a problem with the installation. If this is happening regularly, I would contact Powerflex and send them your screen shot. However, it won't damage the car, it's just prolonging your charging time.
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