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Will the J1772 Tesla Wall Charger charge both my 2023 Model Y and my wife's 2021 BMW 330e J1772 equipped car?

Seems in stock to me....can order it right now ->

That's the regular mobile connector. @jcanoe is referring to the corded mobile connector. Instead of adapters, it has a fixed 14-50 and charges at 40a.
The CC is the most compatible after adapter. The Wall Connector will take a few more seconds to connect and I have lost functionality of location-based delay charge time feature of the car, when using a Tesla Wall Connector. On the other hand, the Tesla Wall Connector will charge, it just does it immediately.
The Universal Wall Connector, due to launch in October, started shipping at the end of August. I received mine last week. Haven't gotten around to installation as of yet but here are some first pics.



Looking forward to user reviews of these
There's a pretty extensive review video posted earlier in this thread -- he loved it. I'm not sure what other users are going to add. It either works or it doesn't -- isn't that pretty much all we ask of these things? Form factor and feature-wise it is exactly the same as the gen 3 Tesla Wall Connector. The only change is that it has a NACS to J1772 adapter built in. Any review of the regular Tesla Wall Connector should tell you what you need to know.
As I posted earlier I have the "orphaned" J1772 Wall Connector powering both my Model Y AWD (Austin 4680, Giga Press) and my wife's BMW330e plug in hybrid. I bought it to power both cars easily, and wanted an "all Tesla" solution by using the standard J1772/NACS adapter that came with my Model Y.

If I knew that the Universal Wall Connector was coming soon, I would have waited to buy it instead of the J1772 that I have. On the other hand, it works fine, is far more manageable than a standard J1772 EVSE plug, and when using the Tesla adapter it works flawlessly. The only thing I miss is the ability to open the charge port easily with the NACS connector in the new Universal Connector. Still, I don't feel any need to upgrade/swap my current charger for the new model, and since my wife FAR prefers driving her BMW instead of the Y, the J1772 actually works better for our needs.

She charges far more often than I do since her EV range is about 20 miles. That handles most of her daily shopping/other needs, but she may charge twice during the day. Her car has a slow 3.6KwH onboard charger, so having access to the J1772 easily benefits her. We saw the Universal unit and when she was handling it she preferred the Tesla J1772 plug instead of the universal adapter. The universal unit is heavier, bulkier than the J1772 Wall Connector, more similar in feel to the larger J1772 handles that are standard on most EVSE units. More importantly, for her, the Tesla J1772 plug is slimmer, lighter weight and easier to connect/disconnect than our old EVSE. The cable is also longer thinner and easily wraps around the wall mount. Our old EVSE had a much heavier connecting cord, had a tendency to twist that required some care, and for her was a PITA.

So, while I agree that the new Universal Wall Connector is a fine product, for some users the discontinued J1772 version may be preferable if you have a plug in hybrid with limited range that needs frequent charging. And, from my perspective, the minor inconvenience of not being able to open the charge port by pressing the NACS adapter isn't much of an issue.

Either way you will have a fine Tesla designed product, highly price competitive with other units. Seems I have the "orphaned Teslas". The AWD Model Y 4680 Austin build is no longer available, and my J1772 Wall Connector is also discontinued. Despite the recently lowered prices, I'm perfectly happy with my purchases - they meet my needs, and with the two service visits all the major annoyances (squeaks/alignment issues) are resolved.
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We have the regular Gen3 wall connector, and a trusty TeslaTap that we're gonna try out if someone with a J1772 visits us and needs a boost. We bought the tap when we had a Chevy Bolt, just in case we needed it, and never had the chance to try it out before Chevy bought the Bolt back at full price due to the flammable batteries. So, there that TeslaTap sits in our garage, old and new at the same time. We'll see whether it still works, should we get the chance to try it out. :)