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HK-China Cross Boarder Tesla sharing

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Anyone has their HK-china cross boarder plate installed to their tesla ms?
We have changed our front windshield in order to meet the 'UV' requirement
Also we positioned the Chinese license plate slightly to the left (not directly under the HK plate like usual) so the radar can still be functional


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Interesting. Thanks for starting this thread.

Can you explain the "UV requirement"? Is it related to the cross border toll transponder?

As you all know, the Tesla windshield is coated with a UV protection that also blocks the RF signals needed for many of the transponders (including Autotoll). The China cross-boarder transponder comes with 2 parts.

1. The slot for your driver's identity card. This one is the one that matches your identity to your China plate. Only registered drivers are allowed to drive cross boarder even if you have a China plate, you need this card for them to match your ID with your registered plate.

2. Transponder for the gate crossing. This one is like the auto-toll transponder which detects the gate and starts the whole crossing process. I usually cross alone, so I take the single-passenger lane and everything is automated. Just scan my fingerprint.


3. This is the China highway tollbooth transponder. It's like the China version of Auto-toll. You pre-pay and you can take the "auto-toll" lane.

So for all these to work, you'll need to install a windshield that allows the signal through. You can't stick it anywhere else like behind the cone with Auto-toll. There's an official person that sticks it for you and I'm pretty sure they won't let you stick it behind the cone. For this reason, I ended up not putting my China plate on my Tesla and installed it on another car.

For those that did do the whole procedure. I want to know what they do for car inspection? Do they still do the red-paint on your VIN number and use scotch tape to copy it down? And where is our vin number located in the car? Usually it's in the engine block area for ICE cars. Where's ours? Also, is insurance cheaper for EVs? Cuz China-cross border car insurance are notoriously expensive even for 3rd party.
The vin number is located near the windscreen washer bottle, you'll see it when you open the black cover. And yes, they still use red paint to copy the VIN number.

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Insurance is around 8000 rmb full comprehensive cover, however you can claim as many time as you want without affecting the NCD