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I was amazed how fast the battery warmed up!

Follows are some stats from my Buddies 2019 AWD Long Range.

Ambient Garage Temp 30F

Cell Mid Temp before plugging in to charge 30.5F

Wall charging capability 240V @ 26A or about 6.24KW

Plugged in and of course no miles where added because the traction battery was to cold.

3.0KW to front and 3.0KW to back stator's so around 240W additional for car being awake.

Less than 17 minutes later the Mid Cell Temp reached 47F and the car accepted the normal charge rate of 24MPH.

Since the traction battery warmed from 30.5F to 47F is just over 15 min means only a little more that 1.5KWH was used to warm the traction battery. That seems amazing to me I figured it would take at least an hour!
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Car said my garage was at 49F the other day, and it started charging to 32A (and 32 miles/hr, or 8kWh) right away, so apparently it was barely above the minimum temperature for such rate. Didn't know that, so good to know now. Thanks.
Is there a document that details l2 charge vs temp? I’ve been watching standby and charge info and it’s been cold (very cold, like 10 degrees) in New England. Never saw anything less than the 32amps our ChargePoint home is rated for, and if the battery was being kept warm the consumption didn’t show up as anything significant.
Yes, but he said the wall charging capability was 26A. That would be a 32.5A breaker. I’ll give you 28A on a 35A breaker (rare but they exist, I have one for an AC) but the 26A is an odd number to throw out. If they are limiting it at the car it wouldn’t nt be wall capability. It would be limited to 26A (for what reason?).


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