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Installation Manual for Roadster High Power Wall Connector

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I see some old threads for the installation manual for the Roadster high power wall connector, but none of the links work anymore. Does anyone have access to the manual for the original charger that was sold when the first Roadsters were delivered in 2008? I am selling my early Roadster and plan to supply the charger to the buyer. (Of course, the electrician who originally installed it will be doing the removal and the new installation at the buyer's home, so he may not need any instructions at all). I can take a picture of the charger if that would help.
Yes, I have the hardcopy of the Installation Manual for the High Power Connector supplied with my car #33. Because it was early, this document is just printed on US letter size paper rather than in the booklet form like the other manuals. I could scan it for you.
Picture of Older High Powered Wall Connector


This one (but not including the meter, of course).