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Installer not following the design

Today after they installed the panels, I asked if they got a pic. When they sent me the pic, I found that the design was not followed. When I made the design with the design department, I made it to avoid our bedroom and my kid's bedroom. In addition, if you look at the upper left corner of the actual photo, there are no vents that stopped them from installing the 4 panels from the design (I marked the relocated 4 panels with a "x").I wonder if anyone encountered similar situation and would they come back to fix it?
IMG_9311 (1).jpg

Fix it? I don't understand what is wrong and/or what your kid's room has to do with anything.
I understand that it may be just myself who do not want these possible sources of EMR near my kids' rooms. But is it alright for the installers to improvise without asking my opinion? The first design was all on the right roof. I sent my comments and requests to Tesla and it took them two more weeks to come up with this second design. I feel so disappointed that my needs were not communicated to the installers and no one asked for my permission to change what had been agreed on.
Not sure if it is very difficult for the installers to relocate the panels?
It is difficult and expensive to move panels on a roof. The other thing to consider is that DC current does not create the same magnetic fields (if any) that AC does. I assume your system is a DC string system. There are devices that can measure EMR. The AC in your walls may create EMRs that you may not be aware of.
You, as the owner, have final say in what goes on your roof but you also have to weigh that against some reasonable vs unreasonable concerns. Measure the emissions before escalating your concerns. Don't tear up your roof over something that may not be of actual concern. I battled with Tesla's designers for 4 months before agreeing to the final design (major wind mitigation requirements in my area). In the end, the installer had to make more adjustments because as they found unforeseen issues during installation. I found the installers to be more practical and reasonable that the designers at the home office.
I understand that it may be just myself who do not want these possible sources of EMR near my kids' rooms. ...
Is the attic space open up there between the kids room and the rest where the panels would have been? If so, you have EM fields everywhere in the attic.
Any space that is separated and shielded? Perhaps it might be cheaper to just place large aluminum faced rigid insulation over the area of concern.
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DC creates a mag field too just not a 60 cycle one. Just look at the giant DC magnets that pic up junk cars.

Unidirectional low wattage DC circuits generate a nearly negligible EM field. DC electromagnets use hundreds or thousands of coil windings and junkyard electromagnets require 20+ kW of power.

A standard 300w 24v panel produces 12.5 amps.
A standard 24kW DC electromagnet (Genesco LRD 72, rated for 5,550lb) uses 109 amps at 240v.

Comparing the EM field of a solar panel to a DC junkyard electromagnet would be like comparing a dripping faucet to Niagara Falls. :D

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DC creates a mag field too just not a 60 cycle one. Just look at the giant DC magnets that pic up junk cars.
Yes, but lets consider a straight wire carrying 10 Amps, like a Tesla string does in full sunlight. At 0.1 meters (4 inches) away from the wire the magnetic field is 0.2 Gauss, or about half the earth's magnetic field. Next realize that solar panels generally have two conductors, one connected to the + side and the other to the - side. These conductors are usually side by side bundled in a single cable, and the current is passing in opposite directions. The two opposing currents generate magnetic fields which oppose each other and so the total magnetic field is almost zero.

Electromagnets are normally wired as a coil with each turn adding to the total magnetic field. Additionally they have a iron or other ferromagnetic material as a core and that greatly intensifies the resulting field.
Yes, I understand the strength of the fields but the way it was posted that only AC fields are the ones to stay away is why I responded especially by the concerns of the panels on the roof and kids bedroom below it at many feet away.
The AC wires in the house and in the kids bedroom would create more.

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