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Is there a difference between Model S years and headroom?

I currently own a Model X but leased a Model S from June 2017 to June 2020 and remember the headroom with the glass panoramic roof being quite low but nothing like the headroom in the loaner 85 with a sunroof. I'm not sure of the year but the slope of the front end makes the headroom seem so much lower than I remember... Is it just the sunroof and the lack of space between the side of the interior of the car and my head or is the slope actually more aggressive and thus less headroom?
I drove one with a sunroof in 2015, and my head kept hitting the bar across the middle of the roof that supports the sunroof. This decreased the usable headroom significantly for me. My 2020 panoramic roof has much more headroom, and no obstructions. The shape of the roof should be unchanged, so you should get more headroom without the sunroof, since the glass is flush with the exterior sides of the aluminum roof frame, and does not have a sunroof to store, when the sunroof is opened. It must have more headroom without a sunroof, as the piece of glass is the only roof there. I am 6'4".