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Issue with texting

Ever since the last update I've had an issue with the text icon showing up in the contacts list. Weirdly I've noticed that it will show up next to people with land lines, like my Mother, but then even on that same page there isn’t a text icon next to her cell phone. If I reboot the car it comes back for the duration of that drive, but next time I get into the car it's gone.

I can replay to texts I receive fine, even from numbers that don’t have the icon. And using voice works if it properly recognizes the name. But the icon i# missing in the contact list so I can initiate it manually.

If it matters I have an iPhone 11 that is fully updated. I've also tried just rebooting the phone and that does not fix the issue, even temporarily. Only rebooting the car fixes it temporarily.

Anyone else having this issue?