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Here is my first lesson of YouTube. Take something you imagine to be universally loved..... for me a Tesla Model S. Then, imagine that surely everyone else that owns one has the exact same political views and sense of humor as you do. What could go wrong?

For my next video, Autopilot 1 versus 2/religion/abortion/guns/ Cold Play.
The physical buttershrimp, young, pure, hopeful
Bittershrimp.png Unemployed Buttershrimp has lost his way because he makes others uncomfortable with his body odor. He published a Trump Video on YouTube, his promising 75 fans unsubscribed from YouTube channel... rendering his 3 month career with a GoPro useless... he now eats too much, and smokes cigarettes. Testosterone pellets and rogaine are not working. His wife and kids no longer speak to him. He wakes up at night in a cold sweat screaming, "bing bing!"

That is the metamorphosis of the buttershrimp.
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