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Lock failure with Zappi charger

I keep getting a lock failure when putting the charge cable in. I have a zappi and it says “lock failure disconnect and press reset” or words to that effect. It happened 4 times in a row before it finally worked tonight. Anyone else seen this? Is it a problem with the car or the charger?
Hi Guys

Owning a Zappi V2 here in the netherlands and had since installation problems with rebooting when charging my model 3 LR on the fast mode.
Myenergi gives me good support and send me a new ribbon cable but that did not solved the problem. I have tested with an other Model 3 and also on that car rebooting when starting fast charge. Now the offering to swap the zappi unit. good service. I have the latest firmware installed

Any model 3 owners who operating an ZAPPI V2 on an M3 LR AWD without rebooting problems?
Want to make sure that this is not an Tesla or model 3 issue befor swapping the charger.

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“lock failure disconnect and press reset”

Are these tethered or socketed units showing the problem?

I don't have experience with the Zappi, but on other chargepoints (socketed) that would suggest a failure of the lock mechanism: the socket has a pin that drops down to engage in a slot in the plug so that you can't unplug it while energised.

This can be caused by trying to engage the lock with the plug not properly in the socket, but can also occur if the locking mechanism is 'sticky' - lack of lubrication or out of alignment etc.

This is just guesswork rather than specific Zappi knowledge, but it might be worth isolating the power and taking the front off the unit to have a look at the lock mechanism. There's usually either a solenoid or a little motor driving the locking pin, and sometimes a microswitch to detect if it is actually in the locked position.
Does anyone know if you can stop a Zappi charging from the unit itself? Rather than the car or Tesla app?
I've just had mine installed, but it would be nice to find a way to do it on the unit, rather then digging out the phone.
The idea is to put it into eco+ mode so then it doesn’t charge unless solar (using up/down arrows)