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Logistics for home delivery (NH) of a '3' needs work.

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I'm rather irritated at the moment. 2 days ago, my Tesla was paid for. They still can't tell me when I'm going to get it.

Tesla has had trouble with notifying me all through the reservation process.

I never got the email inviting me to configure. After I configured, I waited. When my VIN was assigned, I was told that an advisor would reach out to me. I waited. Repeated calls to Tesla eventually got me in touch with Hector. Hector said that my car was being shipped and that I would get something from the contracts team.

I waited. A week. More calls and Hector finally came back and I *did* get the papers. ...with errors on them. For some reason, they had my name and address but my WIFE'S contact info - even though everything on my account showed up ok on the website. So I was going to get new paperwork 'immediately'. Another day and a half passed before i got it.

Once i got it, I immediately (and, by that, I mean within minutes) got everything signed and sent out. I waited past the weekend before I got the countersigned papers back. (And they still couldn't tell me when it would get here) But, hey, now it was in a center in New Jersey!

So, Monday I insure the car and go to my credit union with the purchase agreement and tell them to wire the money to Tesla, as per Hector's direction. ...this is despite the website saying that, if I'm doing outside financing, bring the bank check to the delivery. Hector tells me that they'll release the car when they get the wire transfer and my down payment.

So I go in and do a pair of ACH transactions on Tesla's website for the down payment. The Wire is sent Monday, effective first thing Tuesday morning.

Tuesday, I sent an email asking for a timeline. Hector says they can't find the wire transfer. I send him a picture of the wire transfer form (I'm glad my credit union gave me a copy). Late that day, hector says they found it and are releasing it to logistics. I send an email with what my schedule is and offering to come to NJ and pick it up if that would be quicker. I researched how to get temporary NH plates since I suddenly had a vision of the car sitting in my driveway unable to legally move since I just found out the title was going to take a couple of weeks to be issued. Hector never mentioned any of that (title, temp plates, etc) but he was new and probably never did a NH delivery before.

Wednesday I leave a voicemail stating that I still hadn't heard from logistics and that I'm a bit nervous about having COMPLETELY paid $60,000 for a car that still doesn't have an arrival date. I'm now paying insurance and interest is accruing on my loan!

Today it's a call to the general Tesla number to see what's going on. Short version - I can't go to NJ and pick it up without paying MA sales tax (Huh? I live in NH!). They HAVE to put it on a truck or it's "assumed" that it would be delivered to the nearest sales office (Dedham MA, 75 miles from my house). They *assure* me that the shipping company will contact me. I tell them how many times I've been 'assured' someone would contact me only to have it NOT happen.

They claim they're pinging the shipping company to call me.

I've paid $60,000 for a car and nobody can tell me when I'm going to get it.

Tesla NEEDS to get more stores out there so that others don't have the same problems. If the franchised dealership associations get wind of many of these stories, they'll use it as 'proof' that company owned stores don't work. I have to say, it is the ONE area where dealerships "did the job" (as sleazy as the salesmen tended to be). They were so anxious to move the car that they had final delivery down to a science and memorized everything that needed to be said about the paperwork.

There. I've vented. I'm hoping that this is the worst of my Tesla experience and that, when the car finally comes, this'll all be a dim memory within a couple of weeks.
Unfortunate part of living in a state with less people than cities I expect, is that they can't send a whole truckload at once, and have to use third party shippers.

I didn't have the issue with my S delivery, but they were likely less busy 5 years ago.

I have shipped a different car, and generally when these things arrive to us here in NH is a mystery to even the shipper, never mind Tesla. It has to do with the number of stops the carrier your 3 is on and how many other cars need to be picked up/dropped off.

ps. I like Waltham more than Dedham.
I’ll be going through the same process since I live in Rhode Island and there are no service centers in my state. Luckily Tesla so far has been good about communicating with me and I haven’t had to track anyone down.

That said I am slightly annoyed that I have to

1. Register the car myself at Thw DMV.
2. They want the trade in papers signed before I get the car and once I sign the papers I cannot drive the trade in any longer.
I'd tend to agree. As they are ramping up the M3 deliveries, I think that the delivery centers are getting swamped. And a remote delivery just sounds horrendous to support. Having allocate someone for probably 1/2 to a full day to deliver a single vehicle isn't a great utilization of limited resources.
I was at the Tesla ATL delivery center a month ago, well before the current ramp up. They didn't have space on the lot and they were sending them out the door as quick as they could.
It is a really hard business case when increasing sales by such a high number. I've got a feeling that they are really close to 5,000 /wk now. With 3,000 vehicles in Jan, 6,000 in April, I think that June is going to be more like 23,000!

That's a lot of car carriers, lots of space in the delivery centers, and a lot of delivery specialists to hire and train in a short time.

I'm sure that they will eventually get it right.
They told me that they would basically be making several deliveries to the area.

This ticks me off. I've PAID for MY car but I have to wait until enough people pay for theirs before I get mine.

As the shipping company has yet to reach out to me, I'll be on the phone with Tesla again today. (Barring an unexpected call in the next few hours)
djplong, how did this all work out for you? I’m currently going through something similar. I live in Maine. My delivery appointment was scheduled for this past Monday in Dedham, but the car has to be delivered to my home. I did receive the paperwork to register the vehicle from Tesla, but I have heard nothing from my delivery specialist for weeks (no response to inquiries). I was able to talk to someone in Dedham yesterday and today, but they will not give me any details regarding who the logistics company is, and I’m being told I have to wait to hear from them. They will “ping them.” I’m trying to plan my week and figure out when I need to stay home from work to take delivery. I don’t want to complain too much with so many others waiting, but the communication has been bad. I don’t even know what to expect now. Will the Model 3 be clean when I get it, will it have the latest software, will I have to wait on the phone for hours to pair my car to the app, etc.? Really wish I could have the delivery experience I see in photos. Make me feel better by telling me how amazing the car is, despite these hassles? :)
Well, there's the good and the bad.

The bad? Things like not getting my line-waiter's little gift of a toy Model 3. And, yeah, the communication was horrible. I constantly had to chase Hector down. Any time I was told someone would "reach out" to me, I knew I was in for a wait at least 80% of the time.

Ok, the good...

When the car DID come, it was *spotless*. The guy DID call me when his truck was loaded (at 3:15PM istead of the 11AM that they mentioned the previous day). I was worried that I was going to be put off yet again - but I was one of the lucky two people who got their car that day, out of the 6 he had on the truck. The shipping company was based in Mississippi (according to caller ID) and the two men I spoke to had accents that confirmed it.

There was no delivery specialist riding along with the driver. Fortunately, I spent my Saturday morning doing something I almost NEVER do - reading an instruction manual. The driver knew nothing about the USB cable situation (I'd want 2 Lightning cables) and it wasn't until the next day that I found the cable packet (1 Lightning, one MicroUSB) in the center console.

DO NOT BELIEVE what you see on the Tesla website in your account about a 'delivery date'. That's a placeholder that Tesla uses. As a software architect for 40 years, and a web developer for 5, the idea that THAT data could face the customer just SCREAMED at me that Tesla needs IT help in some ares - but we all know they're prioritizing. It was basically a week between the "Midnight in Dedham" that I saw on the website and the truck actually pulling up to my house this past Saturday.

The latest software? I'm running 2018.16, not .18 so there's that.

The phone? While my car was being unloaded, I called Tesla to say that my car wasn't showing up on my phone app. They took acer of that AND walked me through the process for getting my wife put on the account so HER phone could be a key as well.

The hassle? One of the sleeves that they use for the license plate screws in the back wasn't solidly in and I couldn't get one screw out when I went to put my temporary plates in. Yesterday, a quick stop at the Dedham store/service center took are of that in less than 10 minutes. ...and they showed me how they did it in case it happens again so I can try to take care of it myself.

But when you start drving the car - all that other crap goes away. It was a *bizarre* feeling shifting into reverse and just "going". I'm still reaching for a a gearshift lever that doesn't exist AND, when I park, I go to grab the keys and... Nothing...

Another pleasure was watching my wife when SHE drove it for the first time. This really IS something NEW - I feel like I've stepped into the future. Now I'm getting used to "one pedal driving", "autopilot" and so much more.
My Direct Ship Specialist said that doing home delivery typically adds 3-7 days to the delivery time. The estimates that he gave me suggest that it could be more than that ("early June" for pickup at the delivery center vs "mid to late June" for home delivery). FYI, my VIN was assigned 5/10 and I ordered 4/10.
our cars are probably on the same slow train to Alabama. How could it take over 2 weeks to get from CA to AL on a train? Is it stopping at EVERY city?

My Direct Ship Specialist said that doing home delivery typically adds 3-7 days to the delivery time. The estimates that he gave me suggest that it could be more than that ("early June" for pickup at the delivery center vs "mid to late June" for home delivery). FYI, my VIN was assigned 5/10 and I ordered 4/10.
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They don’t call it taxachusettes for nothing.

“If a nonresident of Massachusetts buys a motor vehicle in Massachusetts and takes title to and/or possession of the vehicle in Massachusetts, the sale is subject to the Massachusetts sales/use tax, regardless of whether the nonresident intends to use the motor vehicle in or outside of Massachusetts”

Interesting, you're not buying it from MA just picking it up. :)
@djplong I'm sorry you have had such a bad experience, I hope the car itself makes up for it. I am also in NH, and my car will be delivered some time next week. No solid day yet. I have had the opposite experience you have had. I got my config e-mail, I did my config and got a VIN about a month later. The Tesla folks contacted me (from Las Vegas) and we both went through all the paperwork with no issues. I paid some of it with cash, and financed the rest with my credit union (1.99%). The credit union gave me a check and I sent both checks to Tesla in Vegas, again no problems. Insurance was easy (Amica), and the policy is all set but doesn't activate until I call them, so I am not paying until the car actually gets here. I agree that Tesla has a way to go when it comes to the boring machinations of purchasing a car, but it was still better than dealing with slimy dealerships and all their bullshit. I think right now it depends on "who you get" at Tesla. My guy has been great. Hopefully as they deliver more and get better training, the experiences will end up being more positive going forward.
Saying all that....holy *sugar* after a 2.5 year wait its happening! Next week!!
Thanks for all of the good insights. Still waiting for direct delivery. I found out yesterday that my Model 3 was sent to the body shop for clear coat issues on the rear deck, and a scratch on the passenger door. Makes me nervous, but also glad that they seem to want to ensure everything is flawless before delivery. Hoping to truly take delivery at my home in the next week or so.
@jtpassat - 26 days from VIN to delivery (April 16 to May 12)

One thing I should add - Hector, my sales advisor, was new. In fact he told me that I was only the third person he was assigned to.

As far as the other lack-of-communication items, well, that's because I noticed every little change in status and have been *wanting* this *so* much. I hadn't been excited about a car in DECADES and this is making me feel almsot like a teenager again, getting that first car back in the days when that was a Rite of Passage. This time, I feel like I've stepped into the future.

...and it doesn't hurt that, now, metaphorically speaking, I'm one of 'the cool kids' as there's a line of people who want a ride in the Tesla.
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