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Long Beach CA Powerpacks

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Moderator note: Thread title updated to reflect actual equipment seen.

So, as I was leaving Long Beach Grand Prix today, I saw a whole bunch of Tesla power equipment on the side of a parking structure.
But nothing on the map for a supercharger.
And nothing on supercharge.info about a future charger in that location.

Photo I took: Google Maps: 733 W Seaside Way · 733 W Seaside Way, Long Beach, CA 90802
Google maps shows the equipment on StreetView from December 2020.

I guess the building above is called the "Molina Center".

Any one know what's going on here?
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Not superchargers. That is a Tesla Powerpack battery storage system. This one consists of one inverter cabinet and 8 battery cabinets, so close to the max for a single system (which is 10 battery cabinets). Since each cabinet can hold up to 232 kWh, this battery system stores up to ~1.86 MWh. I don't think there's any way to tell whether it's configured as 2hr or 4hr storage, so no way to tell from the outside what the max kW rating is.
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Before we moved office building a bunch of similar Tesla units were installed out in the parking lot. They were part of a backup system of some kind in partnership between SCE, the landlord and Tesla. Not for the building in case of power outage though as it already had one. There was also solar but on the parking garage roof about the same time. No Superchargers we’re ever put in.

There’s already a LGB supercharging thread. One off 2nd and PCH is almost finished. One off Cherry and Spring is moving slow.